Week Without Violence Gallery Walk seeking more art


The YWCA; Hope Harbor; and Crisis Center are teaming up to create a gallery walk for their “Week Without Violence.”

Wednesday, October 13th 2021, 11:27 AM CDT


GRAND ISLAND — According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence and, on average, more than 3 women are murdered by their current or former partners in the United States every day.”

In an effort to ameliorate the issue, October is dedicated as National Domestic Violence Awareness month. In Grand Island, the YWCA; Hope Harbor; and Crisis Center are teaming up to create a gallery walk for their “Week Without Violence” at Railside downtown, from October 11 to 15th. 

So far, seven artists are contributing pieces to be displayed in the windows of thirteen businesses. The theme this year is ‘Beyond Resilience: From Surviving to Thriving.’ Anyone – from students to professionals – are invited to add pieces. You can call the YWCA for information on where and when to drop off art. 

Empowerment Programs Coordinator Marissa Hernandez said she hopes it eliminates the stigma of talking about it.

“I think there’s just such a stigma around domestic violence that you don’t want to ask for help,” Hernandez said. “Bringing this event into the public gives people the chance to say, ‘okay, I’m not alone’.”

Some art last year included a mannequin with shards of glass torn into it; or a canvass with words all over it.

Hernandez notes that Grand Island is not immune to the problem of domestic violence. “In 2020, 41.1% of adults who entered shelter at Hope Harbor indicated they had experienced domestic violence as an adult,” said Jennifer Figueroa at Hope Harbor in a press release. The Crisis Center served 92 unduplicated persons from January 2021-September 2021 and has provided 5809 services. 

Next year, Hernandez said the YWCA plans to host the art in a center where they can auction off the pieces to raise funds for their resources.

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