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“Subliminal Matrix” Solo Exhibition by Zhang Ji at Volery Gallery in Dubai, UAE – StreetArtNews

Zhang Ji is an artist whose sweeping-colours of paintings focus on mosaicked patterns or relief-centred geometrics, laid down edge to edge. Spare, elegant and texturized, his paintings offer a delicate balance between composition and decomposition, sturdiness and ephemerality. They begin as strikingly, repetitious patterns, but then move beyond, toward a consummate painterly expression.In this exhibition opening at Volery Gallery and entitled Subliminal Matrix, this ...

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Zhang Huan Reveals His Pandemic Diary – ARTnews.com

While in lockdown, many artists have taken on new projects of various kinds. The latest body of work by Zhang Huan, a Chinese artist based in Shanghai and New York, is a direct response to his experience of the pandemic. In a new pandemic diary below, Zhang, who here debuts a new series of paintings, describes reading news about the coronavirus and finding spiritual ...

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