WWII Nazi Bunker Discovered Inside 1,700-Year-Old Roman Fort – ARTnews.com

A team of archaeologists on the island of Alderney, the northernmost of the Channel Islands located between England and France, have found a World War II Nazi bunker built directly inside an ancient Roman fort, according to BBC News. The site, nicknamed the Nunnery, has revealed overlapping structures from the medieval, Tudor, and Napoleonic eras. Alderney has been inhabited since at least the Neolithic ...

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MFA Houston Allegedly Has Painting Sold Under Duress During WWII – ARTnews.com

The Monuments Men Foundation for the Preservation of Art, an organization that researches works looted during World War II, is calling on the Museum of Fine Arts Houston to return an 18th-century painting to the heirs of a German-Jewish collector. The MFA asserts that the sale of the work was “legitimate” and that there is therefore no need to restitute the painting. In a ...

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