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Firelei Báez’s Brings Afrofuturist Work to MCA Chicago Atrium – ARTnews.com

In another world, within the abyss of the Atlantic Ocean, is Drexciya, a civilization that would rival the lost city of Atlantis. It’s populated by peaceful amphibian people, the descendants of pregnant African women thrown overboard from slave ships to drown during the Middle Passage. Rather than succumb to death, the women were adopted by the water and their babies were born swimming. Drexciya ...

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Art Industry News: 14-Year-Old Painter Selling Work for $150K Is Unsure If This Whole Art Thing Is for Him + Other Stories

Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most consequential developments coming out of the art world and art market. Here’s what you need to know on this Thursday, April 7. NEED TO READ Helen Frankenthaler Foundation Pledges $2.5 Million to Ukrainian Artists – The New York-based foundation will allocate the money to international organizations working to protect at-risk artists and cultural heritage ...

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Art That Made Us looks at 1,500 years of work

Antony Gormley in his studio, LondonFrom the Bayeux Tapestry to Stormzy at Glastonbury, works of art, literature, design and music have helped to reflect life in Britain and shaped how we see ourselves and our national story.The landmark eight-part series Art That Made Us is setting itself the very big task of exploring 1,500 years of artworks and using them to tell an alternative ...

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Art Café to present the work of local artists in Jalon

The free Art Café will be showcasing the work of local artists at Casa Claudia’s in Jalon. Any art lover will appreciate the work that goes into producing an original piece of art. Looking at an original piece of work that is displayed in your home can give you inspiration and lift your spirit. The Art Café will be presenting some outstanding local artists ...

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Stamford artist’s work produced at street art festival to be auctioned for Ukrainian refugees

A piece of artwork produced by a Stamford artist during a festival is to be auctioned for charity.Paul Kneen was among nine artists who took part in Stamford's first Korpfest, supported by Art Pop-Up on Sunday in Red Lion Square. The event was made possible thanks to a grant from South Kesteven District Council's Welcome Back Fund.Paul's piece was a tribute to the people ...

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Art for Ukraine: Preston artist Anthony Padgett auctions work to raise funds for British-Ukrainian Aid

Anthony, whose studio is in Preston and who lives in Morecambe, has decided to put one of his art works up for auction.The collage has been inspired by the work of a renowned refugee who found sanctuary in the north west. Artist Kurt Schwitters fled from Germany in the 1930s and was iterned before living in London and then the Lake District. Sign up ...

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Jeff Koons Loses Legal Battle in Italy Over ‘Fake’ Work – ARTnews.com

Jeff Koons, whose sculptures and paintings have sometimes relied on appropriated imagery, has become known for complicating the meaning of a copy. While it’s usually the artist himself who decides what counts as original and fake in his work, this week it was an Italian court that had what may be the final word on one of the sculptures from his storied “Banality” series, ...

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