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Meet Rachel Jones, an Ascendant Painter Whose Consuming Paintings Have Captivated Viewers in London and Collectors Worldwide

Standing in front of a painting by Rachel Jones is akin to letting her take you on a journey around her emotional landscape, with her skillful use of color and composition as your guide. One of the artist’s focuses is Black interiority, accessed somewhat literally through her frequent inclusion of mouths and teeth. Sometimes these elements are visible and sometimes they are submerged: In ...

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Naama Tsabar’s Sonic Art Requires Viewers to Push Through Museum Walls – ARTnews.com

Sound travels through mysterious channels in Naama Tsabar’s latest exhibition, “Perimeters,” on view at The Bass in Miami through April 16. For the show, the Israeli-born, New York–based artist will occupy the museum’s galleries with new, site-specific iterations of four bodies of work. Tsabar’s art occupies an intersection of sculpture, performance, and architecture that will transform the museum itself into a playable instrument. Taken ...

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Tampa Museum of Art wants viewers to see themselves through artist’s eyes during Arabic art exhibit

Exhibit features abstract Arabic art An Arabic art exhibit is on display for the first time in Florida at the Tampa Museum of Art. TAMPA, Fla. - The largest collection of Arabic abstract art is currently on display in Tampa at the Tampa Museum of Art. The exhibition called "Taking Shape: Abstraction from the Arab World, 1950s–1980s" contains pieces from the collection of the ...

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Art After Dark introduces viewers to Vienna’s Golden Age via Zoom | News

Every Wednesday during September, people can learn about Vienna’s Golden Age.The four virtual Zoom sessions cover Viennese cultural heritage, a period of prolific artistic growth in which the Vienna Secession and the Viennese Workshops were formed by artists, designers and architects.With the wealth of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a new breed of collectors emerged to support the incredible creativity of Vienna’s Golden Age. The “Art ...

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