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Trenton art project to honor victims of violence | Video

A Trenton artist is using a multimedia project to honor people in the city whose lives were lost to violence. Bentrice Jusu’s “Potential Project” will use various forms of art and include murals of victims that will be placed throughout the city, marking the locations where their lives were taken. “It’s meant to highlight and give justice to the people who lost their lives ...

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art project unviels to remember victims of stabbing tragedy

NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) — Earlier this year, the tightly knit North Vancouver community was shaken after a stabbing claimed the life of one woman and injured six others. One local woman says, since the incident, the community has had its security threatened, which is why she is behind the newly unveiled art project “to bring some love and positivity back into that space.” ...

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Open-air art gallery in Minneapolis honors George Floyd, victims of police violence

Now, with special frames in place, 150 pieces are seeing the light of day again.   “I think the exhibit is beautiful,” says Precious Shider, visiting from New Jersey. “I like how it’s all coming together, and it’s very inspiring. I’m grateful to be here, that I was able to be part of the event.”  "These pieces, these are history. These are artifacts. This ...

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How Artists Are Supporting Victims of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – ARTnews.com

As tensions between Israel and Palestine continue to escalate, artists are banding together to support victims of the conflict. Their projects have taken the form of print sales, Instagram Live sessions, and even NFTs, often with the focus on Palestine. Protests erupted earlier this month after an Israeli court ruled in favor of Jewish settlers attempting to force Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, an East ...

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FGCU honors COVID victims with largest-ever campus art project

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Nearly 100 students, professors and volunteers have come together to help assemble the largest art project in the history of Florida Gulf Coast University’s campus.  10,000 memorial markers resembling flowers have been “planted” as a visual display of the impact of COVID-19. Each marker represents 55 lives lost to the virus over the course of the past year in the ...

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Artist’s sand tribute to earthquake victims and his recovering city

Supplied/StuffJeremy Lillico’s completed sand art lasted just minutes on New Brighton beach.Artist Jeremy Lillico’s earthquake anniversary tribute on New Brighton beach lasted only until the ocean washed it away. The sand art remained just long enough for a burst of applause and photographs from a small, appreciative gathering. Lillico’s design incorporated the date of the earthquake which took 185 lives in Christchurch 10 years ...

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Holocaust victims suing Germany and Hungary have their day at the Supreme Court on Monday

The justices will ultimately decide whether the cases against Germany and Hungary can proceed in US courts.The court's decision could open the door to the possibility of similar lawsuits against foreign countries but also raises difficult questions about entangling the judiciary in matters concerning sensitive foreign policy questions. At issue is a federal law that allows suits against a foreign government when a property ...

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Boise State assistant professor uses art to draw attention to unidentified victims

BOISE — Thread by thread, Lily Lee is weaving together pieces of information about unidentified murdered women in Elko County, Nevada."It's kind of giving them back more of their humanity because they've been reduced to this cold document if you will," said Lee, an assistant professor at Boise State.Her artwork focuses on the stories of unidentified remains."I'll look up cases through a national database, ...

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