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Artist Lucia Koch Turns a Parisian Government Building Into a Gorgeous, Tactile Installation – ARTnews.com

A government building often isn’t the most inviting of spaces. The Palais d’Iéna, an imposing concrete structure designed by Auguste Perrier, one of France’s leading practitioners of Art Deco, is no exception. Completed in 1939, it was originally planned to house a museum, and is now the home of the Conseil économique social et environnemental, an advisory body.  In recent years, the building has ...

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For New Series, Adrian Ghenie Turns His Disquieting Gaze on Our Always-Online Today – ARTnews.com

Renowned for his portraits of history’s villains and foreboding psychological scenes pointing to past collective traumas, the Romanian painter Adrian Ghenie had something of a revelation during the Covid pandemic, which prompted a shift in his subject matter and practice. While visiting churches in Italy, he was struck by the way the human posture has changed: whereas in Baroque paintings the gaze of the ...

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Art Industry News: Meet Ememem, the Mystery Street Artist and ‘Pothole Knight’ Who Turns Broken Streets Into Colorful Mosaics + Other Stories

Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most consequential developments coming out of the art world and art market. Here’s what you need to know on this Monday, September 12. NEED-TO-READ Antiquities Collector Maintains Innocence, Even as U.S. Issues Warrant for Arrest – Lebanese dealer, collector, and former pharmacist Georges Lotfi is wanted in the United States amid allegations of trafficking looted ...

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