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Pioneering Computer Artist Turns to Glass for Her Venice Debut – ARTnews.com

The NFT boom has renewed people’s interest in the earlier phases of the digital art movement, and with that renewed attention, Vera Molnar, 98, is now an object of fascination. Considered to be the first woman artist to incorporate computers in her practice, Molnar is enjoying long awaited recognition for her contributions and will now be presenting her work at the Venice Biennale for ...

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Turns Out the Diamond Skull That Damien Hirst and White Cube Said They Sold for $100 Million in 2007 Still Belongs to Them

Damien Hirst, who in 2007 claimed to have sold a diamond-studded skull for £50 million ($100 million) to a group of anonymous investors, has officially admitted that the deal never actually happened. In a profile published in the New York Times on the occasion of his first New York show in four years, Hirst said the work, titled For the Love of God and allegedly made ...

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Painting bought by art historian Christopher Wright for $88 turns out to be worth over $54,000, Trending News

A painting bought by art historian Christopher Wright for $88 has turned out to be worth almost $55,000. He believed that the artwork was a copy of a painting by Sir Anthony van Dyck, but it was actually an original by the Flemish court painter to King Charles I in the 17th-century. Also see | World’s most famous stolen paintings that have never been found! ...

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Metro Vancouver artist turns trash into treasure by using plastic to create stunning art – BC

For the past year, Roger Brenninkmeyer has been turning people’s trash into someone else’s treasure. The Metro Vancouver artist is the founder and creative director of the Plastic Essence Collaborative (PECO), a Burnaby-based art company that turns plastic bags and overwrap into stunning pieces of three-dimensional artwork.“We can actually create new product out of something that is going straight to the garbage can,” ...

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Mexican doctor turns human DNA into personalised works of art

Image: Genoma23A Mexican doctor and exponent of ‘BioArt’ turns human DNA into personalised works of art.The Mexican doctor and researcher Juan Roldán, who has been living in Girona since 2008, has created the company Genoma23 to produce and sell personalised works of art made with human DNA.The idea was developed by Roldán using a mathematical algorithm that translates genetic information into unique strokes and ...

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Indiana Township neuroscientist turns her passion to art

YeePing Lucia Wong Yip, born in China and raised in Hong Kong, worked as a cancer researcher for nearly four decades before reigniting her childhood passion for art. Paintings by the Indiana Township neuroscientist-turned-artist are on exhibit at Cooper-Siegel Community Library in Fox Chapel. As an artist, Yip uses the name Lucia Wong. “I am inspired by my travels, looking at the beautiful scenery ...

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Sigur Rós Star Jónsi Turns a Gallery into a Volcanic Transport Station – ARTnews.com

It’s been a while since I felt content describing an experience as indescribable, but that is the word that presented itself most forcefully after walking into Icelandic artist Jónsi’s first New York gallery show. After a pandemic-induced spell limited to constrained screens and stereo equipment at home, it is really something to wander into the all-encompassing presence of sound generated by some 200 speakers ...

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