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‘If a Waterfall Freezes, How Do You Read It?’: Watch Lynda Benglis Translate the Energy of Painting Into Boundary-Blurring Sculpture

When most people think of the act of painting, they envision a Picasso-like figure, perhaps wearing a Breton-striped shirt or splattered apron, appraising a canvas with palette and brush in hand. That couldn’t be further from the practice of Lynda Benglis. Though she is a self-proclaimed painter, Benglis is best known for her three-dimensional sculptures that take uncommon forms, made from bulbous lumps of latex, ...

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Frank Gehry’s Signature Curves Translate to Fishy Art at Gagosian – ARTnews.com

Frank Gehry says he aimed to capture the brushstroke effect of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night in his latest building, making his tower for the Luma Foundation in Arles, France one of many examples of his corny artistic ambitions. Inklings of these are evident even in his sketches—impassioned, nearly illegible scribbles more likely to be exhibited in a museum than referenced by a contractor ...

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