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In Venice, Claire Tabouret’s Figures Transform Through Multiple Selves – ARTnews.com

Claire Tabouret’s exhibition “I am spacious, singing flesh” at the 2022 Venice Biennale is the artist’s first collateral event in Venice ever. Through a range of figurative paintings made over the last several years, Tabouret explores variations of the self and identity, using various renderings of women and children from a bygone era that Tabouret lifts from archival photos. These subjects are often in ...

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Three Sámi Artists Transform Nordic Pavilion at 2022 Venice Biennale – ARTnews.com

While hurtling for miles and miles across the vast frozen Lake Inari in far northern Finland on a sled driven by reindeer herders on snowmobiles, the landscape opens up to an ethereal vista. Clusters of reindeer trot across the ice in search of food among the snow-laden pines encircling the lake. To all appearances, it is a pristine paradise. But this area is situated ...

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Art Industry News: How Salary Transparency Could Transform the Museum World as We Know It + Other Stories

Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most consequential developments coming out of the art world and art market. Here’s what you need to know on this Thursday, March 17. NEED TO READ Museums Reconsider Security After MoMA Stabbing – In light of the shocking stabbing at the Museum of Modern Art last weekend, some museums are stepping up their security procedures. Violence ...

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Pitsea: ‘Transform old bingo hall into an art gallery’

A DERELICT bingo hall should be transformed into a museum or art gallery, a councillor has insisted after the owners were ordered to demolish or develop the site by a judge. Pitsea councillor Craig Rimmer wants to see a “cultural and community facility” replace the former Pitsea Bingo Hall, which has become an eyesore It comes after a high court judges told the SMP ...

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Ice huts transform into works of art (14 photos)

Ice fishing huts decorated by 11 local artists are now on display at Innisfil Beach Park and select locations throughout town.  The works of art were unveiled by the artists Friday morning at Innisfil Beach Park with Mayor Lynn Dollin and members of council, MPP Andrea Khanjin, as well as Donny Crowder and Gail Loder of Gail's Hot Box Ice Huts Innisfil.  This past fall, the Innisfil ...

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Six artists visually transform AlUla oasis for first art residency

DUBAI: In the ancient desert lands of AlUla, now one of Saudi Arabia’s top tourist attractions, six artists have spent the last three months creating works as part of the area’s first art residency program. Under the theme “The Oasis Reborn,” the cohort hailing from the Kingdom, Syria, the UAE, France, and Algeria, has, since the start of November, been immersed in AlUla’s ancient ...

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Watch Artist Katharina Grosse Transform Vast Spaces Into Three-Dimensional Paintings

German artist Katharina Grosse might technically be classified as a painter, but the artist has made a career out of exploding the limitations of the medium (sometimes quite literally). Her sprawling interventions and installations call attention to the architecture in which they are installed and encourage viewers to walk around, atop, and sometimes inside them. In an exclusive interview with Art21 filmed back in ...

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