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A Mesopotamian War Memorial Found in Syria May Be World’s Oldest – ARTnews.com

In northern Syria, researchers have discovered a burial mound that may be the world’s oldest war memorial, according to a new study published by Cambridge University Press’s peer-reviewed journal Antiquity. Known as the White Monument, or Tell Banat North, the 72-foot high mound dates to the third millennium B.C.E. and derives its name from the material that was used to build it: gypsum, which ...

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Remarkable Collection of Syrian Art Transcends Horrors of War, Lets Cultural Contributions of Syria Shine

The Syrian Sarcophaguses comprises 55 original works that depict images of prominent Syrian cultural icons presented in a style and shape inspired by ancient Phoenician anthropoid sarcophaguses. It is a generous attempt to bring the past into the present, to use the rites of death to celebrate the work of life. Arte Arta is the exclusive representative for this captivating art collection, making it ...

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