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Dundee’s top art students release stunning ‘behind the scenes’ film of life at college 

Dundee's top art students have released a stunning black and white film showcasing their work. The Duncan of Jordanstone College team created the ‘behind the scenes’ movie that puts their talent on full show. A college spokesman said DJCAD staff and students were suitably proud of the film, simply called ‘Sounds of DJCAD Workshops.’ Read More Related Articles In a Facebook post linked to ...

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Art students give old jewelry a major makeover

A special program to repurpose old jewelry brought together students and faculty from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, North Bennet Street School, and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University this fall semester.Called Radical Jewelry Makeover, the collaborative program brings awareness to using recycled materials and gemstones to create new jewelry.Emily Cobb, a professor at MassArt in jewelry ...

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How MIT students are transforming the art of narrative | MIT News

If storytelling was once confined to a single medium — a tale told, for instance, in the pages of a book — the past few decades have seen narratives spill into different platforms and media, spreading across everything from comic books to films to fan-created websites. Scholars such as Henry Jenkins called this “transmedia,” referring to the way a single fictional universe might expand ...

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Art students construct hybrid kiln for course credit – News

The team will use about 700 specially made bricks designed to withstand temperatures in excess of 1,700 degrees. The students are careful with the mallets; each brick costs about $7 and weighs nearly 9 pounds.“This must be my 50th kiln, easily,” Ransom says. And he’s especially pleased with the work on this one. “You guys are killing it,” he tells his students. “This is ...

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‘Remember the 43 Students’ art installation, series of events about the missing students comes to DSU – St George News

ST. GEORGE — To mark the seventh anniversary of the disappearance of 43 students, who went missing after visiting Iguala, a city in the state of Guererro in Mexico, Steve Lee, the Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Services at Dixie State University is producing a series of events at the university. Photo of the figures that make up “Remember the 43 Students” ...

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