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The WBUR Read-In: Struggling artists

“The panicked artists called a meeting. The idea was floated that perhaps they could collectively purchase the building,” reported WBUR’s Amelia Mason earlier this week. The struggling artist is a character that lives on in cultural imaginations all across the world. But as cities — often the best places for artists to collaborate and find work — become increasingly expensive, even artists who have ...

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New York City painter Guy Stanley Philoche keeps dreams alive for struggling artists

NEW YORK CITY, NY. -- Guy Stanley Philoche is an artist from New York City who's been painting in the city for 20 years.“Abstract to more modern contemporary to mixed media with neon lights,” Philoche said.Picked up by a major gallery, he’s now a well-established painter struggling to meet the demand of buyers.“I just basically kept my blinders on – ya know like a ...

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Stimulus package renews hope for struggling art and entertainment institutions

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Places that entertain, teach and help us escape are disappearing in cities across the country.While the latest COVID-19 relief package includes $15 billion in relief for entertainment and cultural institutions, some in the industry say survival is still uncertain. “There are very few stories of a museum going out of business only to be revived later," said Laura Lott. “All ...

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Struggling Museums Are Increasingly Relying on the Generosity of Artists to Convince Private Donors to Bail Them Out

Museums rely on artists to create compelling exhibitions, public programming, and sometimes even promotional materials. But during this unprecedented year, they’ve been leaning on them more than ever for something else, too: fundraising. As many donors pull back from giving or feel institutions’ needs dwarf what they can offer, museums have upped the ante with an irresistible draw: the opportunity to buy art that ...

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New York artist spends $65,000 buying art to support fellow artists struggling because of the pandemic

Philoche, 43, has dedicated himself to seeking out artists from around the world who are unable to make ends meet and has so far purchased more than 150 artworks for up to $500 each. His own pieces sell for up to $120,000, according to Cavalier Galleries."The art world is my community and I needed to help my community," Philoche told CNN. "People say New ...

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120 Struggling Performing Arts Organizations To Get City Grants: Lightfoot | Chicago News

Theater seats are empty across the city in the age of COVID-19. (WTTW News) Performing arts venues closed by the coronavirus pandemic can apply for $10,000 grants from the city starting Monday, city officials announced. The program, which was created with support from the Walder Foundation and the Arts for Illinois Relief Fund and in partnership with Accion, expects to help 120 venues, officials ...

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