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“The Calm” by David de la Mano in Valencia, Spain – StreetArtNews

Spanish street artist David de la Mano just finished working on his latest mural in Torrent, Valencia. His work entitled “The Calm” depicts a great whale with a silhouette of people riding on its back in David de la Mano’s signature monochromatic imagery. The mural was painted in collaboration with artist Pablo S. Herrero.“The great whale carries a human group on it. Its passengers don’t ...

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Yellowpop x Keith Haring Neon Art – StreetArtNews

In honor of the cultural iconoclast Keith Haring, Yellowpop has partnered with the late artist’s Foundation to create a collection of signs that pull inspiration from Haring’s powerful imagery and highlight his devotion to creating art that’s meant for all, not just the select few. The announcement of this collaboration also coincides with the opening of the Global home design brand’s first US-based pop-up ...

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Ardú Street Art in Cork, Ireland – StreetArtNews

Ardú Street Art project returned to Cork city this month with some of the country’s most exciting street artists to brighten up the city’s streets. Commissioning artwork from home grown talent of the highest level is the main aim of Ardú, a street art project launched late last year, supported by Cork City Council and Creative Ireland, with paint generously sponsored by Pat McDonnell Paints.This ...

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“Giant Doll” and “Nature Morte” by Ludo in Paris, France – StreetArtNews

Street artist Ludo just finished two murals in Paris, France. “Giant Doll” features the animatronic doll from Netflix hit series Squid Game with armed angels on both the doll’s sides. While “Nature Morte” features Ludo’s iconic imagery of and arrow + tulip hybrid shot through a skull.Most of Ludo’s work primarily focuses on the combination of nature and human technology. More specifically, he prefers to emphasize on ...

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Outlaw Arts NYC – StreetArtNews

@_diaz1 @queenandreaoneCurrently hanging out in Bushwick Brooklyn with Robert from Outlaw Arts. Coming up this Sunday October 10th, 2021 is the closing party for the 10th anniversary of curating street art shows in New York City. Take me back to 10 years ago. How did this all begin?  Well, the short version is that I knew a lot of artists and there was so ...

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Art Activations by Filthy Luker, Gabriel Pitcher, and more in Bristol, England – StreetArtNews

New art activations have been unveiled in Bristol as part of Vanguard x TOward 2030, What Are You Doing? – an on-street project aligning art with sustainable conversation throughout the city. Artists Richt, Peace of Art, Filthy Luker, Mau Mau, Gabriel Pitcher and Paul Harfleet are the latest artists to install works across the city, each inspired by one of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development ...

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“Radium” by SHOK-1 in Le Locle, Switzerland – StreetArtNews

Street artist SHOK-1 unveils his new work “Radium” in Le Locle, the birthplace of Swiss watchmaking.This piece is about the tragic story of the Radium Girls, who suffered horribly with radiation poisoning from painting watch faces back in the 20s. SHOK-1 thinks we can still learn from it today as a narrative about the misuse of science by commerce, and of profit over people.The mural ...

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“MEGA SUPER NOVA ULTRA” by SPEKTR and Hot Singles in Your Area in Omsk, Russia – StreetArtNews

In the Siberian city of Omsk, street art collectives SPEKTR and Hot Singles in Your Area have created a mural covering more than 2,250 square meters. This monumental work goes by the title MEGA SUPER NOVA ULTRA and depicts a tear in the fabric of existence through which the physical world is infiltrated by a digital reality.The artwork is a tapestry of various images, ...

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