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Stimulus Funding for the Arts, Art After Fukushima—and More Art News – ARTnews.com

To receive Morning Links in your inbox every weekday, sign up for our Breakfast with ARTnews newsletter. The Headlines TODAY MARKS THE 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE FUKUSHIMA nuclear disaster in Japan following an earthquake and tsunami that killed more than 15,000. “It is something that is hard to talk about, something that cannot be talked about, because there are so many pressures,” the artist Hikaru Fujii told DW. “There are political, economic, and very ...

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Stimulus package renews hope for struggling art and entertainment institutions

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Places that entertain, teach and help us escape are disappearing in cities across the country.While the latest COVID-19 relief package includes $15 billion in relief for entertainment and cultural institutions, some in the industry say survival is still uncertain. “There are very few stories of a museum going out of business only to be revived later," said Laura Lott. “All ...

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