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Art argument a good reason to debate duck stamps

I got my 2021-22 federal duck stamp Wednesday, a stunning image of a lesser scaup. The finish looks semi-metallic, emitting a three-dimensional sheen. I hated to spoil it by signing its face. If you look closely, you'll see a pair of wooden duck calls on a lanyard wrapped around some cattail stalks. The superfluous image is a controversial element among hunters, non-hunters, anti-hunters, art ...

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‘It’s up to people to change the system’: the artists using stamps as resistance | Art and design

In 2020, artists making political statements have typically done so on the streets, with murals, protest placards or by knocking down old monuments. But much overlooked is the envelope as a place for art. Since a stamp symbolizes the mail-in vote, it has come to represent a form of resistance, a form of direct action. The New York non-profit TRANS> has created a stamp ...

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