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South Korea’s galleries plan sale to ‘warn’ auction houses against speculation and ‘extreme capitalist logic’

A group of Korean galleries will hold a live sale later this month as a "warning" to auction houses against driving speculation in the art market and undermining the role of the primary sector. The Galleries Association of Korea, which organises Korea's biggest art fair KIAF and will partner with Frieze for its new fair in Seoul this year, released an impassioned statement yesterday ...

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South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu dies at 90

Many South Africans today will remember Tutu's personal courage, and the clarity of his moral fury. But as those who knew him best have so often reminded us, Tutu was always, emphatically, the voice of hope. And it is that hope, that optimism, accompanied, so often, by his trademark giggles and cackles, that seems likely to shape the way the world remembers, and celebrates, ...

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Emerging Painter Patrick Alston on How His South Bronx Home Infuses His Abstract Art

This article is part of a series of interviews by Folasade Ologundudu exploring the evolving conversation about abstract art among Black artists across different generations.   At just 30, the art of Patrick Alston is already immediately identifiable, with a signature materiality and use of gestural marks to create dynamic and colorful abstractions. The central themes of his varied body of work are identity, ...

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Valerie Cassel Oliver on the American South – ARTnews.com

Valerie Cassel Oliver’s recent groundbreaking show at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, “Dirty South: Contemporary Art, Material Culture, and the Sonic Impulse,” appeared in the wake of a year of protest across the United States. The exhibition’s emphasis on the interaction between popular culture, in the form of music and folk arts, and contemporary art suggested a broad interpretation of American culture. Art ...

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South Korea’s Seoul Captures the Five Senses with ARTnews Travel Tour – ARTnews.com

ARTnews and Academic Travel Abroad are launching an exciting new travel program for 2022 that offers exclusive experiences with insight that only our experts can provide. 8 Days | October 7-14, 2022 As autumn goes into full swing, join like-minded ARTnews readers to explore South Korea’s layers through the wide lens of art. Emerge informed and enriched after deep interaction with contemporary art museums, ...

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Unimaru: The art museum between North and South Korea where the curator wears a bulletproof vest

(CNN) — Art has always had the power to be dangerous. But a newly opened art museum is taking that to another level.It's Unimaru's location that makes it unsafe. The museum rests on the DMZ, or Korean Demilitarized Zone, a no-man's-land along the 38th parallel which divides North and South Korea. Its inaugural exhibition, titled "2021 DMZ Art and Peace Platform," featured 34 artworks ...

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Adler Guerrier Discusses Capturing the Sweetness of the South – ARTnews.com

The artist discusses his “Wander and Errancies” photographs. One work from the series is included as a print in our November/December issue. I developed this series, “Wander and Errancies,” during a 2020 residency at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. I took photographs of the St. Augustine landscape—it’s the oldest city in the United States, and it has been part of both colonial Spain ...

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A New Generation of Artists is Staying South – ARTnews.com

Before Bessemer, Alabama, made headlines earlier this year following a unionization attempt at a local Amazon distribution warehouse, the Birmingham suburb played a significant, though less splashy, role in the history of American art—as the home of celebrated African American self-taught artists such as Thornton Dial (1928–2016) and his nephew Ronald Lockett (1965–1998). Often using assemblage techniques and making expressive use of found materials, ...

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