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The art of deciphering an artist’s signature

I’d like to show you how I decipher a difficult signature on a work of art. COURTESY PHOTOSColumnist Elizabeth Stewart explains in today’s column how she deciphered the name of the artist who signed this work. Dr. Stewart determined the first name was Auriel, and her research led her to the last name.Here I use a work I found at a local thrift store ...

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Frank Gehry’s Signature Curves Translate to Fishy Art at Gagosian – ARTnews.com

Frank Gehry says he aimed to capture the brushstroke effect of Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night in his latest building, making his tower for the Luma Foundation in Arles, France one of many examples of his corny artistic ambitions. Inklings of these are evident even in his sketches—impassioned, nearly illegible scribbles more likely to be exhibited in a museum than referenced by a contractor ...

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Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature Invites Chocolate Lovers To Discover The Art Of Chocolate This Season With New Virtual Experiences

Working with Zac Young, on November 19, Golden Gallery Signature will unveil an easy-to-replicate tasting ritual on Zac's IGTV channel (@zac_young). The ritual will outline how to expertly recreate a Golden Gallery Signature tasting at-home, step-by-step, from plating to tasting. From exploring the high-quality ingredients like soft buttery caramel, delicate hazelnuts and Arabica coffee beans, to showcasing tips for how to beautifully present the ...

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