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‘Very Important’ Ancient Roman Site in England Could Fall Into the Sea – ARTnews.com

British archaeologists warned Tuesday that an ancient Roman site in Folkestone was at risk of falling into the ocean within the next century. The Canterbury Trust, which manages the site, announced that the Roman villa there was in danger on the same day that it revealed that archaeologists had exposed a mosaic in the structure. It marked the first time the mosaic had seen ...

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Raising awareness of sea life through art

Esther Moe has loved creating since a young age, “As soon as I could hold a pencil really”. Esther lives on the border of Spain in Galicia, where she told me she lives only 15 minutes away from Vila Nova de Cerveira, “I can see Portugal from my window”. Esther explained that she has lived in Spain since 1986 following buying a one-way ticket ...

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Art trail ‘From the Forest to the Sea’ is being created at Lydney Harbour — Gloucestershire News Service

As part of Forest of Dean District Council’s ‘Destination Lydney Harbour’ regeneration project, a new art trail titled ‘From the Forest to the Sea’ is to be installed in stages, beginning in April, it was announced today (March 28).“Inspired by the harbour’s role in the Forest of Dean’s industrial past and the natural beauty of the site, a new art trail has been created ...

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Outcry Follows the AP’s Decision to Sell an NFT of Migrants at Sea – ARTnews.com

Yesterday, the Associated Press tweeted that it would be releasing an NFT of a short video by photojournalist Felipe Dana featuring migrants crowded together on a raft in the Mediterranean Sea. Plans for the sale went viral, with many bashing the news agency for profiting from human misery. AP’s tweet was up for four hours before it was deleted. The sale of the NFT ...

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Pizza, mutant apes and a sea of NFTs: Web3 is here

Like people, the internet can be classified into generations. Web 2.0 (or, Web2) is the internet most are familiar with and is often referred to as "the social web."It's an environment that emphasizes user-generated content, as opposed to content posted by others and in one expert's definition is "dominated by companies that provide services in exchange for your personal data" -- companies like Facebook ...

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Ancient Maya Salt Kitchens Discovered Beneath the Sea in Belize – ARTnews.com

In oxygen-free sediment preserved beneath the ocean floor near Belize, archaeologists have discovered the remnants of salt kitchens built by ancient Maya people to boil brine for use in food and preservation. As reported in a paper titled “Briquetage and Brine: Living and Working at the Classic Maya Salt Works of Ek Way Nal, Belize” published in the journal Ancient Mesoamerica, Louisiana State University ...

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“Sun & Sea” Makes Opera Audience Feel Contradictions of Climate Change – ARTnews.com

The thing that most reviews and features haven’t conveyed about Sun & Sea (Marina), the acclaimed opera about climate change that won Lithuania the 2019 Venice Biennale Golden Lion award, is the strange delight of experiencing it live. The work recently made its US debut at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, where, as at other venues, the audience stood on a platform, ringed round ...

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Sea, sand and subversive art: can Bournemouth be reborn as a culture hub? | Bournemouth

Want culture that sails close to the wind? Well, Bournemouth might not have been the obvious place to head for. Until now. This weekend, the English seaside destination more often associated with sandcastles, retirement and the “Costa packet” villas of Sandbanks has become home to some of the most disconcerting and challenging artworks in Britain.A vast new gallery inside a former department store launched ...

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