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Is the Covid-19 pandemic over? The answer is more art than science

Is the Covid-19 pandemic over? President Biden told Scott Pelley of “60 Minutes” it was. The Sunday night interview aired just days after the director-general of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said the end may be in sight — though Tedros clearly didn’t mean it was days away when he predicted it. But how confident can we be that the pandemic is or ...

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Concert showcases symbiosis of science and art

Ti Gong Renowned architect Wei Dunshan (right) performs with the top-notch Peking Opera artist Shang Changrong (left) at the Shanghai Science Hall. It's widely believed that art is a creature of emotions, while science is based on rationality. But what if art and science fuse? Reputable geologist Wang Pinxian has the answer: A new culture is taking shape.The 86-year-old academician at the Chinese Academy ...

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Blooming Artists Exhibit combines art, science

PORT ANGELES — Elementary students are blooming with creativity in an exhibit at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center. The Blooming Artists Exhibit will be on display from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays beginning this Thursday and continuing through June 19. On Tuesday, the center at 1203 E. Lauridsen Blvd. in Port Angeles hosted a reception for the student artists from ...

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Hermantown grad pursues art and science – Duluth News Tribune

HERMANTOWN — Olivia Wolcott wants to keep painting, even if it’s on the side.The 18-year-old Hermantown High School senior is set to graduate with a 4.0 grade-point average on Sunday, then head to the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities to study medical laboratory science and, the plan goes, land a job in a hospital microbiology lab or maybe a blood bank. Wolcott’s grandfather ...

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Olay Body Unveils New Fearless Artist Series to Elevate Stories of Women of Color in Art and Science

CINCINNATI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Olay Body is launching the Fearless Artist Series, a new collection of body washes that feature bottle artwork designed by African American artist, Avery Williamson, and formulas specially crafted by a diverse team of women. The Fearless Artist Series is part of Olay Body’s ongoing commitment to elevate stories of women of color in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math), while also ...

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When Science and Art collide: White City Sculpture Challenge | Imperial News

Imperial’s Dreamteam will host their first student-led installation challenge this summer, driving synergy between art and science. The 2022 Sculpture Challenge will provide students the opportunity to collaborate and bring their vision to reality, resulting in the winning sculpture having a permanent presence at the White City Campus. The Challenge is to create an original work which will become a permanent installation on Campus. ...

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A Fossil Fuel Company Is Sponsoring the New ‘Energy Revolution Gallery’ at London’s Science Museum + Other Stories

Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most consequential developments coming out of the art world and art market. Here’s what you need to know on this Wednesday, October 20. NEED TO READ Victims of Mass Oil Poisoning Occupy Prado Museum – Victims who suffered from an outbreak of illness caused by adulterated cooking oil in 1981 staged a protest at the Prado ...

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Science behind the art and cooking

Food is very cultural too. There is a lot of cooking when there are festivals, feasting is festive. Image Credit: Camera Press There is a couple of things about cooking. A melange of spices doesn’t make a dish. Just dumping an unreasonable number of spices makes the dish pungent. Every vegetable has its own flavour. Some vegetables need to be cooked more, some less, ...

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Quark!: where the intersection of science and art meets

The intersection of science, art and everyday life is now located on Grand River Avenue. Quark!, an arts and science store, opened on Aug. 4, 2021, offering a variety of carefully curated products selected to spark curiosity and joy in customers. “Quarks are subatomic particles,” owner Renee Leone said. “They’re building blocks of atoms, which make up everything. Science makes up our lives... it’s ...

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