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‘Very Important’ Ancient Roman Site in England Could Fall Into the Sea – ARTnews.com

British archaeologists warned Tuesday that an ancient Roman site in Folkestone was at risk of falling into the ocean within the next century. The Canterbury Trust, which manages the site, announced that the Roman villa there was in danger on the same day that it revealed that archaeologists had exposed a mosaic in the structure. It marked the first time the mosaic had seen ...

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Wrongly Identified 1,800-Year-Old Structure In Israel is a Roman Temple – ARTnews.com

What was believed for decades to be an ancient synagogue in central Israel is actually a Roman temple, according to new research conducted by archaeologists. This is the second building excavated at the site which was wrongly identified as a synagogue. Originally uncovered near Beit Guvrin in 1991, the site has been undergoing excavations overseen by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem since 2015. The ...

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Remnants of Ancient Roman Turret Discovered at Hadrian’s Wall in England – ARTnews.com

Remnants of a turret from Hadrian’s Wall were unearthed by archaeologists during construction work for student accommodations in Ouseburn, near Newcastle, England. Hadrian’s Wall was a defensive fortification that spanned 73 miles across Roman Britain. Sixteen stone forts were built every 1,000 paces, with 80 milecastles, turrets and 6 supply forts set in between. Construction along the Stanegate Road route began in 122 CE ...

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Roman Mosaic Repatriated to Italy – ARTnews.com

A 2,000-year-old Italian mosaic depicting Medusa has been returned to the Italian government by U.S. authorities. The artifact, which had been held in a storage facility in Los Angeles since the 1980s, was recovered by the the FBI, which first announced the repatriation on Wednesday. The bureau’s unit overseeing crimes related to artworks began working on the case in late 2020 after receiving a tip from ...

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Massive Roman Era Phallus Relief Carving Uncovered in Spain – ARTnews.com

A large Roman era relief carving of a phallus was uncovered by archaeologists excavating in Nueva Carteya, Córdoba, Spain, earlier this month, according to an announcement by the area’s local history museum. At more than one-and-a half feet long, it could be the largest preserved Roman phallus carving, according to archaeologists. The phallic carving was found at the base of a building within a ...

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Rare Frescos Recovered from 2,000-Year-Old Roman Temple in Italy – ARTnews.com

Archaeologists recovered parts of the frescoed walls and ceiling from the 2,000-year-old Cupra temple in Cupra Marittima, Italy, last week. Intact interior frescos of this kind are extremely rare. The frescos are painted in blue, yellow, red, black, and green hues, and decorated with such motifs as flowery garlands, candelabra, and tiny palms. They were discovered during excavations that began in July under the ...

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Ancient Roman Villa in England is Reburied One Year After Rediscovery – ARTnews.com

The ruins of an ancient Roman villa in England have been reburied on the recommendation of the government preservation organization Historic England just one year after they were found. Located in what is now the town of Scarborough, the site included a large home, with a number of rooms coming off a circular central room, and a bathhouse roughly the size of two tennis ...

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Rare Roman Temple Is Unearthed in the Netherlands – ARTnews.com

Archaelogists in the Netherlands unearthed a Roman temple in the country’s Gelderland state, government officials announced in a statement earlier in June. The temple structure was relatively intact, according to the Dutch cultural heritage agency, and objects associated with it have already gone on view at the archaeology-focused Valkhof Museum in Nijmegen. The temple was found along the Roman Limes, the border line of ...

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Ancient Roman Coins Uncovered by Amateur in Switzerland – ARTnews.com

An amateur Swiss archaeologist discovered a trove of 1,290 Roman coins that date back to the reign of Constantine the Great. Using a metal detector, Daniel Lüdin found the coins inside a clay pot that was buried underground. Last year in September, he found the pot in a forest near Wildenstein Castle in Bubendorf, Switzerland. Lüdin, who was prospecting the area, first uncovered several ...

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