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Miss Chelove: Decoding the hidden messages in one city’s street art revival

Written by Jacopo Prisco, CNNCita Sadeli saw the start of the pandemic from a different angle than most: standing on an articulated lift, hovering 120 feet above street level. She spent much of early March 2020 painting a mural on the exterior of Hotel Xena in downtown Washington, DC, watching from above as the coronavirus outbreak slowly caught the city in its grip."I started ...

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After Decades of War and Political Instability, Is Baghdad’s Art Scene Seeing Glimmers of a Revival?

In Baghdad’s Tahrir Square—the site of violent anti-government demonstrations that began in 2019—bold, expressive, street art stands as a reminder that the Iraqi battle for a better life is not over. Though the protests, also known as the October Revolution, led to the resignation of Iraq’s prime minister in November 2019, and his successor has pledged to crack down on corruption and improve services ...

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From the Spiritual Revival at Museums to the Whitewashing of Basquiat’s Studio: The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week

London Museum Cuts Ties with Big Oil – After years of pressure from activists and artists, the National Portrait Gallery cut ties with BP. Warhol to Narrate Netflix Show From Beyond the Grave – Death won’t stop Andy Warhol from taking a star turn in an upcoming Netflix docuseries, thanks to A.I. Belgium Returns Thousands of Artifacts – The country returned 84,000 artifacts that may have been looted ...

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Art Industry News: Smoking Is Having a ’Sexy and Ethereal ‘80s Revival’ Among the Cool Art Crowd, Apparently + Other Stories

Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most consequential developments coming out of the art world and art market. Here’s what you need to know on this Friday, January 14. NEED TO READ Jailed Arts Worker Returned to the U.K. – Aras Amiri, an employee of the British Council who was arrested in March 2018 while visiting her grandmother in Iran, has finally ...

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