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Art historian recreates a Rembrandt masterpiece and stumps experts

Ever looked at a classic painting and asked yourself with astonishment: “How did the painter do it?” Dutch painter and art historian Lisa Wiersma knows the answer to that question when it comes to Dutch masterpieces.After all, her recreation of Johannes Vermeer's The Milkmaid (c.1660) made none less than the director of the Rijksmuseum hesitate for a moment when asked which one was Vermeer’s ...

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Rijksmuseum Seeks $170 M. from Dutch State for Rembrandt Painting – ARTnews.com

The Dutch government seems set to back the Rijksmuseum museum’s purchase of a €175 million ($198 million) Rembrandt self-portrait, the Amsterdam institution announced on Wednesday. The Standard Bearer (1636), which depicts the 30-year-old painter in historical garb, is one of the last masterpieces by Rembrandt still in private hands. The paintings is being offered for sale by members of the Rothschild family, with whom ...

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Painting Stolen in East Germany’s Biggest Art Heist May be a Rembrandt – ARTnews.com

In 1979, five Old Master paintings were stolen from Schloss Friedenstein in Gotha, in the former East Germany’s most audacious art heist. The group of works was recovered last September, and researchers now believe one of them, a Dutch portrait of a bearded elderly man, to be an unknown Rembrandt. The portrait of the old man dates from between 1629 and 1632, and was ...

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Long-Lost Rembrandt Painting Found in Italy – ARTnews.com

A lost Rembrandt painting has been found in Italy, in a remarkable discovery that experts are calling major. The Italian news agency ANSA first reported news of the find. The piece, titled The Adoration of the Magi (ca. 1632–33), was discovered in 2016 when a Roman family sent the painting for restoration after it fell off a wall and was slightly damaged. The painting ...

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Artificial Intelligence Restores Mutilated Rembrandt Painting – ARTnews.com

One of Rembrandt’s finest works, Militia Company of District II under the Command of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq (better known as The Night Watch) from 1642, is a prime representation of Dutch Golden Age painting. But the painting was greatly disfigured after the artist’s death, when it was moved from its original location at the Arquebusiers Guild Hall to Amsterdam’s City Hall in 1715. ...

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$20 M. Rembrandt Belonging to Met Trustee Sells Privately at Sotheby’s – ARTnews.com

Last week, global audiences watched in awe as Sotheby’s sold a rare 15th-century Sandro Botticelli portrait for $92.2 million in New York, making it the second-most expensive Old Masters lot ever auctioned. While the Botticelli went on to over-perform, a minuscule Rembrandt painting poised to be one of the sale’s top works failed to impress—the guaranteed lot was withdrawn in the days before the ...

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Rare Rembrandt withdrawn from Sotheby’s New York auction

Abraham and the Angels (1646), Rembrandt van Rijn Courtesy Sotheby's This is a breaking news story and more will follow shortly.Rembrandt van Rijn’s Abraham and the Angels (1646), estimated at $20m-$30m, is one of four works withdrawn from Sotheby's Old Master sale, which has just started. A reason for the withdrawal was not given. Last publicly sold for £64 in 1848, the Old Testament ...

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‘My Rembrandt’ Documentary Fails to Deliver a Cohesive Story – ARTnews.com

Interest in the Old Masters category of collecting has seen a resurgence in the past few years as auction houses have learned that there are indeed people willing to pay prices for vintage masterpieces akin to dollar amounts going to contemporary art—the more-expensive collecting category over the past two decades or so. But who exactly are the buyers of some of these historically important ...

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San Diego Weekend Arts Events: ‘Move American’, Jazz at the Athenaeum, Space-Travel Theater, Rembrandt And More

Credit: Derion Loman / Disco Riot Above: A still of the dance film "By Any Means Necessary," by Derion Loman, performed by Loman and Simon Greenberg. The film is available online as part of "Move American," which screens this Saturday at Art Produce in North Park. Another pandemic month down means another month of constantly reevaluating how to safely and authentically experience or share ...

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