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Comment | Art Basel is not just an art fair, it is a technology platform

For 375 of us, the week of the Art Basel fair started in Zurich at NFT Art Day, an almost heroic attempt to progress beyond novelty and sensationalism in the art world’s general understanding of digital art. At Art Basel, NFTs were present but not fervent—possibly matured or subdued. Crypto value was crashing and we were in Switzerland, not Miami, after all.NFT platforms—where non-fungible ...

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Art Industry News: Pace Gallery Bucks the Crypto Crash Doomsayers by Launching a Major Partnership With a Top NFT Platform + Other Stories

Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most consequential developments coming out of the art world and art market. Here’s what you need to know on this Wednesday, June 8. NEED-TO-READ $360,000 Stolen in Yuga Labs’s Latest Server Breach – The NFT company Yuga Labs’s server was compromised in yet another a phishing attack on Saturday, which resulted in the theft of ...

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Pace Gallery Announces Major Partnership with NFT Platform ArtBlocks – ARTnews.com

The crypto slump isn’t slowing down Pace’s Web3 ambitions. The blue-chip gallery announced a partnership with leading generative art NFT platform Art Blocks on Tuesday in an effort that promises to give each organization access to each other’s very different collector bases. “Our priority is to connect our artists to new collecting communities, and this is one of them,” Marc Glimcher, President ...

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This New NFT Platform Is Aiming for High-Art Cred—and Artists From Swoon to Walid Raad Are Already on Board

If the mention of NFTs elicits eye rolls in the contemporary art world, it’s almost always for one particular reason: substance. Even if it’s a generalization or a stereotype, crypto-art has a reputation for lacking rigor and depth. Signing onto the chat is Artwrld, a new NFT platform that aims to bridge the gap between these two fields by bringing established contemporary artists into ...

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Why French Curator Nicolas Bourriaud Is Launching a Roving Platform to Show and Sell Art

The French writer and curator Nicolas Bourriaud, who co-founded the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, is launching a new roving exhibition and sales platform during the Venice Biennale. Radicants, as the platform is called, will work with some three-dozen curators to conceive and produce a broad range of projects, including selling exhibitions, touring shows, collaborations with foundations and museums, and book publishing. It will focus in ...

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7 Questions for the Founders of Artscapy, a Collector-Focused Platform Launching Later This Year

Many art platforms set out with ambitions to democratize the art world, but Artscapy is convincing many art-world insiders that it’s the one to actually do it. The platform recently received £1 million in pre-seed funding and is slated to launch later this year.  Founded by Alessandro De Stasio and Emilia De Stasio, two experienced collectors, Artscapy is focusing on collectors and their specific ...

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Vito Schabel, Gary Vaynerchuk Launch NFT Platform – ARTnews.com

Dealer Vito Schanbel and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk have come together to create ArtOfficial, a new online auction platform that will feature NFTs by established artists.  The platform, whose name is pronounced like the word “artificial,” launched on Friday with an auction of Francesco Clemente NFTs. Like other NFT enterprises, ArtOfficial will stage sales that sometimes come with added perks for buyers. In today’s auction, ...

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Online Platform Masterworks Gets $1 B. Valuation – ARTnews.com

Masterworks, an online investment platform founded in 2017 that sells shares in blue-chip art, has received $110 million in a first round of funding from New York–based venture fund Left Lane Capital and other investment firms, including Tru Arrow Partners and Galaxy Interactive. With this round of funding, the company said it was now valued at $1 billion, and marks a milestone for the ...

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