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Art Hounds: Photographer’s art reflects on parenthood and the pandemic

Beth Bergman, former owner of the art store Wet Paint, recommends a visit to the Form + Content Gallery in Minneapolis during its 15th anniversary exhibit.“You never know exactly what you’re going to see,” says Bergman. The style and medium of art on display changes month-to-month with each show.The anniversary exhibit includes all 36 artists who’ve been members of the artist-run cooperative since its ...

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New Hyde Park art exhibit explores absence of touch during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic forced most of us to grapple with intense feelings—from grief, love, loss, loneliness and isolation to gratitude and connection. You can explore many of those themes at Loving Repeating, a new art installation at Hyde Park Art Center from married longtime collaborators Dutes Miller and Stan Shellabarger that will have its grand opening April 23.  The exhibit, which derives its name from ...

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How Artists From the Countries Hit Hardest by the Pandemic Vaulted Hurdles to Get to the Venice Biennale

Participating in the Venice Biennale has never been an easy feat. To take part in the prestigious event, countries need to secure funding, ship art across the world to Venice, mount an exhibition in a rented structure—most of which are hundreds of years old—and, finally, staff their pavilion for the biennale’s six-month duration. The usual hurdles were exponentially harder to surmount this year due ...

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Powys art group wins award for “championing community” during pandemic

an inclusive, disabled-led Powys art group has been recognised in awards, “championing community and volunteer-led arts activity”. Celf-Able have been recognised in the 2021 Creative Lives Awards as joint winners of the Creative Lives Peer Award for Excellence. Shining a light on the importance and resilience of creative work during the pandemic, the 13 winners and runners-up were announced on Tuesday, 1 March, at ...

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‘Sometimes the Ephemeral Helps You Remember’: Watch Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Build a Machine to Memorialize Pandemic Victims

Since early November 2020, an unusual type of memorial has been quietly paying tribute to loved ones who died from Covid-19, with portraits made of sand depicting the faces of those lost to the pandemic. The work, called A Crack in the Hourglass, an Ongoing COVID-19 Memorial, is the work of artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, and is on view at the Brooklyn Museum through June ...

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New Brunswick artists make masks into art to help community process pandemic

Masks are an every day sight that were not so common two years ago. And just like any other everyday item, artists were not going to let it pass without finding the art, meaning and symbolism in its simple form. For the exhibit Isolated//Together, 14 New Brunswick artists were chosen to design wearable masks to mark the cultural impact of them during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The results are masks ...

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Rachel Uffner’s Tastemaking Gallery Survived the Great Recession and the Pandemic. The Daily Grind Is Much Harder

Fourteen years ago, Rachel Uffner opened her gallery at the worst possible time. It was September 2008, the same month that Lehman Brothers collapsed. After five years as a director at the now-shuttered D’Amelio Terras Gallery, Uffner had decided to strike out on her own with a space on the Lower East Side. Her rent on Orchard Street was $3,000 a month—a pretty good ...

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Ireland Will Soon Pay Arts and Culture Workers a Basic Income to Help the Sector Bounce Back From the Pandemic

Artists and culture workers in Ireland will soon be eligible for some much-needed financial support as the government readies a new basic income program. Ireland will commit roughly €25 million ($28.3 million) to the program, which it expects to implement early this year. It will pay some 2,000 people a basic income for three years. The move aims to help the arts bounce back from “unprecedented damage” ...

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