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Neanderthal Carving Discovered in Germany’s Unicorn Cave – ARTnews.com

Germany’s Einhornhöhle, or Unicorn Cave, in the Harz Mountains got its name from the treasure hunters who thought fossilized remains in the dark passages belonged to unicorns. Archaeologists digging at the site recently found something almost as unlikely: a 50,000-year-old deer bone with a geometric pattern carved by Neanderthals. The discovery, reported on Monday by a team of researchers from the University of Göttingen ...

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Rare Neanderthal Art Discovered—and More Art News – ARTnews.com

To receive Morning Links in your inbox every weekday, sign up for our Breakfast with ARTnews newsletter. The Headlines RESEARCHERS HAVE UNEARTHED A 51,000-YEAR-OLD carved deer bone in the Einhornhöhle (“Unicorn Cave”) in Germany that shows evidence of symbolic behavior, according to a study published in Nature Ecology & Evolution, meaning it could be one of the earliest known examples of what we now call art. It is the work of Neanderthals—a big win for ...

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