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Murals by Brian Barrios in Manila, Philippines – StreetArtNews

Brian Barrios works primarily with wheat pastes, and had made a name for himself as a wheat paste artist by the age of 15. He garnered local and international attention for his artistic talent, putting up rural scenes of Filipino life and culture around Metro Manila.Barrios is now working with Anakbayan, a radical youth organisation in the Philippines known for its political activism. His own ...

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New Murals by C215 in support to Ukraine – StreetArtNews

French street artist C215 have recently worked on a series of murals that serve as reminders of the human cost of the war in Ukraine.C215’s works are also testament to the talents of a man whose graffiti skills helped him overcome a traumatic youth to become one of France’s leading street artists — a one-time Banksy collaborator who has tagged walls all over the ...

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Mumbai Art Street: Murals for young Kolis about their Koliwada

In Versova Koliwada, a dozen freshwater wells have fallen into neglect over the years ever since the municipal water connections had been provided. Yet, one survived. Used by the area’s Koli residents for domestic purposes, it has inadvertently doubled up as a space for conversations during chores and community gatherings. The Bhandari well, called so after the family that once owned it, was the ...

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Dublin city council takes street artists to court over murals | Ireland

Across the world, public murals have given bursts of cultural and political expression to cityscapes. Some of their creators, such as Banksy, have even become millionaires in the process.But in Ireland, a collective of street artists known as Subset are about to enter a court battle as part of a 10-year “game of cat and mouse” with Dublin city council over three murals, including ...

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New Murals by Andrea Casciu in Bologna, Italy – StreetArtNews

Street artist Andrea Casciu recently shared some fresh works on the walls of Bologna, Italy. These series of murals entitled “Piscis Volans” and “Camaleonte” (which translates to Flying Fish and Chameleon) features his signature style of bold, defined outlines and striking colors. Both of his works show a combination of faunas and flora merging into one body.Andrea Casciu was born in 1983. He graduated from ...

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Very Artsy News: MFAH’s New Theater, Murals and more

November has come and gone, but we’re right on time for a series of artful happenings this holiday season. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston welcomed 100 paintings from the 19th and 20th Centuries in Incomparable Impressionism, and the Mayor’s Office is looking for local muralists. Later this week, Houston’s largest digital and NFT art show is taking place as well as ...

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Borondo Painted Over One Of His Murals in Turin, Italy – StreetArtNews

A mural by Spanish artist Gonzalo Borondo was whitewashed by the will of the same author. It was covered with white spray paint, sprayed by a man who entered the Colosseum theater in Turin, where the piece is exhibited. The mural was removed from the place where it was made originally without the author’s permission, and displayed in the exhibition.Years ago some restorers were ...

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