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Ancient Maya Salt Kitchens Discovered Beneath the Sea in Belize – ARTnews.com

In oxygen-free sediment preserved beneath the ocean floor near Belize, archaeologists have discovered the remnants of salt kitchens built by ancient Maya people to boil brine for use in food and preservation. As reported in a paper titled “Briquetage and Brine: Living and Working at the Classic Maya Salt Works of Ek Way Nal, Belize” published in the journal Ancient Mesoamerica, Louisiana State University ...

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Maya Lin’s Ghost Forest, Meant as an Omen, is Unexpectedly Buoyant – ARTnews.com

The most haunting thing about Maya Lin’s Ghost Forest is how ordinary it appears. On the central “Oval Lawn” in New York City’s well-trafficked Madison Square Park, the celebrated architect and sculptor has installed a stand of forty-nine bare cedar trees, resembling a dying woodland. The tall, toothpick-like conifers, pruned of branches at human height and entirely devoid of leaves, are meant to serve ...

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Ancient Maya Cave Reveals 1,200-Year-Old Children’s Handprints – ARTnews.com

Painted children’s handprints discovered in a cave on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico may provide insight into Maya coming-of-age rituals. According to a report by Reuters, the ancient handprints are thought to be over 1,200 years old. The find is located in the Puuc region on the northern Yucatan Peninsula, close to the ancient Maya power centers of Uxmal and Chichen Itza. The cave ...

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