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“The Calm” by David de la Mano in Valencia, Spain – StreetArtNews

Spanish street artist David de la Mano just finished working on his latest mural in Torrent, Valencia. His work entitled “The Calm” depicts a great whale with a silhouette of people riding on its back in David de la Mano’s signature monochromatic imagery. The mural was painted in collaboration with artist Pablo S. Herrero.“The great whale carries a human group on it. Its passengers don’t ...

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New Murals by David de la Mano in Paris, France – StreetArtNews

Street artist David de la Mano have recently worked on two small murals located in the Batignolles area in district 17 of Paris. This project was conceived after his last exhibition “Intemperie” at the Galerie Itinerrance. He was invited by the Paris-based curator Olivier Landes, who also conceived the Rouen Impressionnée festival in 2020.As an alternative to the raise of big scale muralism, the project aims to ...

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“INTEMPERIE” by David de la Mano in Paris, France – StreetArtNews

On the occasion of his second solo exhibition in Paris, David de la Mano has recently painted a mural on the facade of Galerie Itinerrance. The exhibition “Intemperie” is currently on view at Galerie Itinerrance until the 30th of June.Spanish painter and sculptor David de la Mano has adorned the world’s streets with monochromatic, outsized murals exploring the relationships that humans have with each other, as ...

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“About William Lanson” by David de la Mano in New Haven, Connecticut – StreetArtNews

Spanish contemporary artist David de la Mano recently finished a new mural located in Ninth Square at 33 Crown Street, New Haven, Connecticut entitled “About William Lanson”. It is a 330 meter square mural that took the artist 6 non-consecutive days (due to snow and rain) to paint.b-sm = 300x250; sm > none; This project was born in 2018 and is an initiative of SITE ...

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“The Silent Mirror” by David de la Mano in Galicia, Spain – StreetArtNews

Prolific muralist and painter David De La Mano recently finished his latest mural for Vigo, Cidade De Cor, an art festival in public spaces held in the city of Vigo, Galicia, Spain since 2015. The mural is entitled “The Silent Mirror” which depicts his signature repeating silhouettes of human and animal figures.b-sm = 300x250; sm > none;David de la Mano is a Spanish contemporary ...

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