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65 Mysterious Giant Stone Jars Unearthed in India, Study Finds – ARTnews.com

Archaeologists have identified 65 large sandstone jars believed to be used for ritual burials across four sites in Assam, India, according to a new study published in the Journal of Asian Archaeology last week. They have yet to identify who made the vessels. The research project—a joint effort between Australian National University (ANU), North-Eastern Hill University and Gauhati University, the latter two in India—started ...

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Art exponents stress need to raise voice during turbulent times | India News

BATHINDA: “In dark times, will there also be singing? Yes, there will be singing, about the dark times”: these words of German playwright Bertolt Brecht echoed as noted artists and performers stressed the need to raise voice even during turbulent times, at a monthly online event of South Asia Peace Action Network (Sapan). Following the visa granted to Sika Khan to visit Pakistan to ...

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What pandemic has revealed about the arts in India

Trying to imagine a post-Covid artistic universe while we are facing a new virus variant is risky, but we need to begin thinking of that possibility. Since March 2020, our minds have been stuck, cemented to the present and the immediate past. Understandably, our works of art have either been acts of desperation or immediate responses to current experiences. Little has come from reflection. ...

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The week in art news – US returns some 250 stolen antiquities to India

Authorities in the United States have returned 248 antiquities, worth an estimated $15m in total, to India – the latest development in the long-running investigation into former New York art dealer Subhash Kapoor. Kapoor is currently in prison in India where he faces charges related to the trafficking of more than 2,500 South Asian antiquities; he also faces multiple charges in the United States pending extradition. ...

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248 Antiquities Returned to India in Repatriation Ceremony – ARTnews.com

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office said on Thursday that it had returned 248 objects to India. These items, collectively valued at $15 million, were uncovered after a decade of five different criminal investigations. Of the 248 items repatriated yesterday, 235 had been brought in to the country by Subhash Kapoor. Once a respected dealer of antiquities in New York, Kapoor is accused of leading ...

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti Nominated As Envoy To India Attends Joe Biden’s Son Hunter Biden’s Art Show

Eric Garcetti attended an art show hosted by Hunter Biden. (File)Washington: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who has been nominated as the US Ambassador to India, attended an art show hosted by Hunter Biden, son of the US President Joe Biden, in Hollywood last week.Biden's opponents and several lawmakers have slammed Garcetti, who is now awaiting confirmation hearing, for this.“Disgraced LA mayor Eric Garcetti, ...

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Sites in Spain, China, and India Among 2021 UNESCO World Heritage List – ARTnews.com

Madrid mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida said in a statement, “Today, in these times of pandemic, in a city that has suffered enormously for the past 15 months, we have a reason to celebrate with the first world heritage site in Spain’s capital.” The committee has also added the “Great Spa Towns of Europe,” which comprises 11 towns located across seven European countries, to the list. ...

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