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‘Very Important’ Ancient Roman Site in England Could Fall Into the Sea – ARTnews.com

British archaeologists warned Tuesday that an ancient Roman site in Folkestone was at risk of falling into the ocean within the next century. The Canterbury Trust, which manages the site, announced that the Roman villa there was in danger on the same day that it revealed that archaeologists had exposed a mosaic in the structure. It marked the first time the mosaic had seen ...

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The 24 Most Important Archaeological Sites in The World – ARTnews.com

Imbued with the mores of the cultures that created them, archaeological sites shed light on past civilizations, preserving their structures, beliefs, and ways of life. This list considers places—some of which are included among the Seven Wonders of the World, and others among UNESCO’s list of protected World Heritage sites—built by ancient Romans, Sumerians, Egyptians, Mayans, and Chinese that foreshadow art and architecture as ...

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7 Important Historical Women Photographers from Alinari Archive – ARTnews.com

Nearly 200 years ago, two new methods of image-making debuted within weeks of each other in 1839: the daguerreotype, direct-positive photographs where images were burned directly onto silver-plated copper plate, in France and the calotype, the original photographic negative in the form of silver chloride–sensitized paper, in England. Together, their inventions—by men who held the patents and usually also restricted access to the equipment ...

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Upton pupils’ art with ‘important message’ to go on public display – The Isle Of Thanet News

Art winners Ellie, Rosie and Oscar Artwork by Upton Junior School children depicting the message ‘protect our planet’ is to go on public display in Broadstairs. The colourful and creative paintings and drawings will be laminated and fixed on hoardings that are screening the current McCarthy Stone development construction site in Broadstairs Road. The school was invited to take part in a competition by ...

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Archaeologists Find ‘Important’ Tomb of Ancient Egyptian General – ARTnews.com

A group of archaeologists have uncovered the tomb of an ancient Egyptian general at a site south of Giza, in a find that experts in the country have hailed as major. The tomb in Abusir once belonged to Wahibre-mery-Neith, who once led a group of foreign soldiers during a period when Egypt’s empire was expanding. The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities said that ...

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Who Was Kawanabe Kyosai, and Why Was His Artwork Important? – ARTnews.com

When it comes to Japanese printmaking of the 19th century, Hiroshige and Hokusai have tended to dominate the conversation. But a third figure, Kawanabe Kyōsai, has begun to enter the public view outside Japan, thanks in part to a recently closed survey at London’s Royal Academy of Arts. Notorious during his lifetime both for his art and for his eccentric personality, Kyōsai only lived ...

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What Is The Art Exhibition Documenta , and Why Is It Important? – ARTnews.com

Earlier this week, the international art world once again descended on Kassel, Germany, for this year’s edition of Documenta, a recurring art exhibition that holds considerable influence for artists, curators, dealers, critics, and more. Curated by the Indonesian collective ruangrupa, the offerings are set to be offbeat and experimental, and what exactly the exhibition holds is still unfolding. But what is Documenta, and why does the art ...

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Who is Henri Matisse? Why is His Art Work Important? – ARTnews.com

Ripe fruit, luxurious fabrics, comely women, a window with a view of an ultramarine sea: the world of Henri Matisse is one of pleasures. Along with fellow modernist Pablo Picasso, he is one of the giants of the 20th-century avant-garde, a perennial subject of blockbuster exhibitions whose cut-paper figures are among the most famous images in art history. According to several recent biographies, he ...

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What Is Bio Art, and Why Is It Important? – ARTnews.com

Harrisons: Survival Piece #3: Portable Fish Farm, 1971, six tanks of catfish, brine shrimp, oysters, and lobsters, and a performance involving a seafood feast at the Hayward Gallery, London. Courtesy Various Small Fires, Los Angeles “HOW BIG IS HERE?” is a question the artist duo Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison have asked themselves repeatedly over the course of their sixty-year career. It’s an ...

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