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Getty Images Bans AI-Generated Images Due To Copyright Worries – ARTnews.com

Getty Images announced on Wednesday that it is banning AI-generated art, including images produced by OpenAI’s DALL-E and Meta AI’s Make-A-Scene, from its platform. The decision, according to Getty, stems from concerns that copyright laws are currently unsettled with regard to imagery created by those tools. “There are real concerns with respect to the copyright of outputs from these models and unaddressed rights issues ...

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Collage Artist Jean Conner Says She Has No Idea Why She Chooses Her Startling Images. That May Be Why They’re So Powerful

It took some six decades, but artist Jean Conner has finally made her solo museum debut, with not one but two exhibitions in California’s Bay Area. The 89-year-old artist, who was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 1933, has called San Francisco home since 1957, immediately following her marriage to Bruce Conner, the late artist and experimental filmmaker who died in 2008. Her work is ...

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From Dazzling Images of Deep Space to the Death of Meow Wolf Cofounder Matt King: The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week

‘Magic Mirror’ Discovered in Storage – A rare Chinese mirror, that appears simply to be a bronze disc, was unearthed at the Cincinnati Art Museum where it had languished in storage for years. Meet the Teenage NFT Art Stars – Here are six underage artists whose eye-grabbing artworks fetch eye-watering prices. Oh My Stars! NASA Reveals New Space Pics – Super-high-tech images from the ...

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UK’s ‘largest immersive arts experience’—showing huge digital images of Cezanne and Klimt—planned for London

As the industry for immersive cultural experiences booms, a new venue focusing on the display of large-scale digital works of art will open in London this autumn. The multi-sensory immersive art experience will be largest in the UK, its organisers say. Frameless, as the cultural attraction is to be known, will be housed in a newly redeveloped tower complex in Marble Arch and will ...

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At Fifty, Warhol’s Mao Images Still Intrigue – ARTnews.com

In 1982, a fifty-four-year-old Andy Warhol visited China for the first and only time in his life. Wandering the streets of Beijing ten years after producing his iconic portfolio of Mao Zedong portraits, he quickly took a liking to the uniformity of Chinese culture. “I like to wear the same thing every day,” he mused to Interview magazine photographer Christopher Makos, who reported this ...

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Andy Warhol’s Iconic Images Featured in Herschel Supply Collaboration – ARTnews.com

If there is anything certain in this world, it is death, taxes, and that there will always be a new collaboration between the Andy Warhol Foundation and a retailer. Backpack brand Herschel Supply released Tuesday its second collection featuring three of the Pop titan’s most enduring icons — bananas, cows, and blooming hibiscus flowers. The artworks adorn four of the brand’s silhouettes, which are ...

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New AI Technology DALL-E 2 Generates Astounding Images – ARTnews.com

San Francisco artificial intelligence research laboratory OpenAI announced last week its image generation AI, DALL-E, has received a major upgrade, reported MIT Technology Review. DALL-E 2, as the upgraded tool is called, converts text prompts into images like its predecessor. However, the new version is reportedly far more advanced, creating images that more accurately match the text prompt and can even be tweaked to ...

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Watch Artist Stephanie Syjuco Rearrange Images to Create New Perspectives on History

What is authenticity, really? That question is at the heart of California-based artist Stephanie Syjuco‘s practice, which spans photography, installation, sculpture, and other crafts. In 2019, the artist delved into the massive archives of the Smithsonian to photograph documents that help tell the story of America. Syjuco wants the viewer to reconsider the authenticity of the archive, a system in which certain images depicting American ...

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