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Zendaya, Hunter Schafer Star in Painterly Masterpieces on ‘Euphoria’ – ARTnews.com

Last night’s episode of the HBO TV series Euphoria featured a smattering of the usual—teens behaving badly, acting in self-destructive ways, and making each other cry, for reasons that don’t entirely make sense. Alongside it all, in a surprising turn, art history also played a starring role in the episode, which, in its first few minutes, featured reenactments of scenes borrowed from some of ...

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Hunter Biden Is Painting His Truth

This is where Hunter Biden keeps the light, up here, many minutes up the turns of a hill outside of Los Angeles, behind gates and past Secret Service, through the white, open house he is renting with his wife and young son away from everything and everyone. It’s on the floor of the garage where he spends most hours of most days, hunched over ...

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White House warns art world rife with money laundering as Hunter Biden sells paintings for $500,000

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! The White House is warning that the art world is fertile ground for money laundering and other financial crimes as the president's son, Hunter Biden, is raising eyebrows by selling paintings for up to half a million dollars — despite lacking any formal art experience. The Biden administration released on Monday a national strategy to counter corruption, ...

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At Hunter Biden’s Art Show, Line, Color and Questions

Weeks before Hunter Biden’s art show — “The Journey Home” — opened at a New York gallery, marking the splashy debut of a newcomer with a famous name to the commercial art world, the White House insisted it had safeguards to ensure that no one who buys a painting will be able to use the acquisition to influence his father’s administration.The White House Counsel’s ...

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We Got the First Look Inside Hunter Biden’s Hush-Hush Gallery Show, the Least-Seen, Most-Talked About Debut in the Art World

Hunter Biden’s New York art debut, months in the making, is a hushed and intense affair. Approaching Georges Bergès Gallery in SoHo, you are greeted by a haggle of paparazzi parked outside. The door is locked and a security guard asks for your name before letting you in. It’s open by appointment only. Titled “The Journey Home,” the show includes 25 works on canvas, ...

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Ken Buck compares Hunter Biden painting to classical art, asks Garland to appoint special prosecutor

AG Garland questioned on Hunter Biden's art sales Rep. Ken Buck presses Attorney General Merrick Garland on the value of Hunter Biden's art, highlighting that one piece has sold for more than the average house in America. Buck then called for an investigation into the president's son.Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., displayed a Hunter Biden painting during Thursday's House Judiciary hearing, asking Attorney General Merrick ...

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Is Hunter Biden’s art project painting the president into an ethical corner? | Hunter Biden

It was another starry night in Hollywood. In a white-walled room at the Milk Studios art gallery, where a lone violinist played before a projected animation, musician Moby, artist Shepard Fairey and Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti reportedly mingled with about 200 guests.On display were artworks that combine canvas, yupo paper, wood and metal with oil, acrylic, ink and the written word. Organizers hope ...

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Hunter Biden art pieces go for $75K each at LA show: report

Hunter Biden’s artwork reportedly sold for $75,000 apiece before his official New York City art show even opened. At least five pieces sold, and lawyers have started vetting potential patrons who plan to attend the upcoming show. The pieces sold at an Oct. 1 "pop up" presentation in Los Angeles. The buyers’ identities are unknown, nor is it known if more pieces sold after the presentation, ...

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Hunter Biden art show adds to White House ethics headache

Hunter Biden, President Biden's son and nascent artist, appeared at his first art exhibition last week where he mingled with prospective buyers. Hunter's art dealings – in which his paintings are priced at up to $500,000 – have alarmed ethics experts, particularly due to his lack of formal art experience. Hunter's attendance at the event came despite the White House previously saying that he would not ...

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