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7 Important Historical Women Photographers from Alinari Archive – ARTnews.com

Nearly 200 years ago, two new methods of image-making debuted within weeks of each other in 1839: the daguerreotype, direct-positive photographs where images were burned directly onto silver-plated copper plate, in France and the calotype, the original photographic negative in the form of silver chloride–sensitized paper, in England. Together, their inventions—by men who held the patents and usually also restricted access to the equipment ...

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The Best Art of the Venice Biennale’s Historical Sections, From a ‘Chief Lunatic’ to Edenic Visions – ARTnews.com

While many will come to the Venice Biennale to see new works by some of the greatest artists of our day, others will be here for the more historical sections of Cecilia Alemani’s main show given over almost completely to work by dead women and gender nonconforming artists. These sections are unusual for an exhibition like the Biennale, which typically aspires to be a ...

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“Art for Change” at the New York Historical Society – ARTnews.com

“I wanted to hold you close/and whisper ‘everything is/going to be alright’/but did’nt./Because…/We both knew; in our hearts,/it wouldn’t.” So go the closing lines of “Shelter Ladies” by Audrey Jackson, a homeless woman. The poem is included in the show “Art for Change: The Artist & Homeless Collaborative” at the New-York Historical Society, which explores the legacy and impact of artist Hope Sandrow’s public ...

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The Prospect 5 Triennial Sees Art Looking to Ground Itself in Healing Acts and Historical Reckoning

There’s a great moment at the Prospect 5 triennial, “Yesterday We Said Tomorrow,” at the Newcomb Art Museum at Tulane University in New Orleans, where five artists face off in dialogue across four galleries. A room full of Mimi Lauter’s atmospheric abstractions speak to Naudline Pierre’s colorful fable-on-canvas of winged women. The dream-like atmosphere and buoyant fantasy of Pierre’s work in turn plays as a ...

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Watch Artist Carrie Mae Weems Bring Historical Tragedies to Life as a Way to Recast Our Present

Over the course of her four-decade career, Carrie Mae Weems has employed photography, film, sculpture, and archival footage, all in the name of storytelling. Described as a “21st-century oracle,” Weems is as adept at interpreting the conditions of the present as she is at giving a voice to the past. Now, a multi-faceted new exhibition by the artist has just gone up at the Park ...

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German Historical Museum Acquires Holocaust Artifact Collection – ARTnews.com

The German Historical Museum in Berlin has received a 15,000-piece collection of Holocaust-era ephemera and artifacts from Wolfgang Haney, who passed in 2017 at the age of 93. Haney was born to a Catholic father and a Jewish mother in 1924 in Berlin. Following the Nuremberg laws of 1935, Haney was considered a “first-degree Jewish half-breed” until the overturning of these laws at the ...

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Turns Out the Success of Artist Neo Rauch Is Based on a ‘Historical Misunderstanding,’ Per the New Yorker + Other Stories

Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most consequential developments coming out of the art world and art market. Here’s what you need to know on this Tuesday, September 28. NEED-TO-READ Family Battle Over Looted Art Makes Trouble for Auction House – The heirs to a Lovis Corinth painting that was looted from their grandparents by the Nazis are battling Austrian auction ...

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The New York Historical Society Announces $140 Million Expansion – ARTnews.com

On July 1st, Louise Mirrer, President and CEO of the New York Historical Society (NYHS), announced that the Society will begin a $140 million expansion of its historic building on Central Park West. The 70,000 additional square feet will house the new American LGBTQ+ Museum. The new space will showcase much of the artifacts the NYHS acquired as early as 1937, but hadn’t had ...

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