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Hidden Sketch Discovered Beneath Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’ – ARTnews.com

After two and a half years of research, Operation Night Watch, the Rijksmuseum’s investigation into Rembrandt van Rijn’s iconic painting, has revealed its findings. The museum announced on Wednesday that analysis of the colossal Militia Company of District II under the Command of Captain Frans Banninck Cocq—more commonly known as The Night Watch—has afforded new insight into the Dutch master’s process, as well as ...

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Restoration of Vermeer Painting Reveals Hidden Image of Cupid – ARTnews.com

Two years ago, the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden in Germany launched a major restoration to make visible a Cupid buried beneath layers of paint in Johannes Vermeer’s Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window (ca. 1657). The museum has since removed the overpainting from the famed work, which now shows an image of Cupid hanging on the wall behind the forlorn young woman. Scholars believe ...

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Ikea Symfonisk picture frame review: Sonos wifi speaker hidden by art | Digital music and audio

The latest device from Ikea’s novel partnership with the wifi-speaker maker Sonos is a bit different: a speaker hidden in a picture frame.The Symfonisk picture frame costs £179 ($199) and joins Ikea’s other unusual speakers – one is in a shelf while another is a table lamp – which are all fully compatible with Sonos’s whole-home wireless audio system.The idea is to make speakers ...

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Tomashi Jackson Uncovers Hidden Hamptons Histories at Parrish Museum – ARTnews.com

Long seen as a bucolic, oceanside respite for New York’s wealthiest, the Hamptons has historically been maintained by an often-unseen group of working-class people, many of them people of color. The under-known stories of the area’s Black, Indigenous, and Latinx residents, whose labor makes these networks of towns and hamlets so inviting, is currently the focus of artist Tomashi Jackson’s latest solo show. That ...

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Cleveland Museum of Art’s revelatory “Stories from Storage’’ exhibit brings hidden gems into the light

CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cleveland Museum of Art faced a curatorial nightmare last year when the coronavirus pandemic turned its precisely calibrated exhibition calendar from a Swiss watch into Swiss cheese.Big shows on topics including 7th-century sculpture from Cambodia, and Pablo Picasso’s works on paper got postponed, punching holes in a timetable complicated further by temporary closures of the museum from March to June, ...

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Alice O’Brien uses hidden talent to paint ‘beautiful’ art, process relentless bullying and come out on top

When Raylene Garwood first saw the artwork of 11-year-old Alice O'Brien advertised online, she was stunned."I was so interested in what she was producing, I reached out to the family," said Ms Garwood, a counsellor who works with traumatised war veterans in Tasmania.It was then she learned that Alice had started painting to help recover from the trauma of severe bullying at school.Ms Garwood, ...

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