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What Is Dubai’s Museum of the Future? – ARTnews.com

In one of the galleries in Dubai’s recently opened Museum of Future, near the beginning of its futuristic displays, flickers in lavender-green neon the ancient Chinese proverb, written in three languages, Arabic, English, and Mandarin: “The ancestors plant the trees / the descendants enjoy the shade.” The writing on the wall is literally and figuratively clear. Given the multiple pressing challenges our planet faces ...

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“Art for the Future” Gauges Potential of Artist-Led Political Efforts – ARTnews.com

Greg Sholette’s Insurrection (1984/2021) involves a short text repeatedly silkscreened on four adjacent panels that remain half-concealed under a lush thicket of synthetic flora native to Latin America. The phrase is from an 1858 treatise by archaeologist and onetime United States chargé d’affaires in Central America E.G. Squier, who promoted the white supremacist ideology of Manifest Destiny via the tropes of evolutionary naturalism, calling ...

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Immersive exhibitions: the future of art or overpriced theme parks? | Art

Peek through the gallery window and you’ll see a holographic alien dancing in space. Venture inside, and an eerie, indeterminate soundtrack plays while the smell of woodsmoke floats through the air. Five VR headsets greet entrants, each offering a different simulation of extraterrestrial life. Put the pair of goggles on and you may find yourself, as I did, surrounded by a shoal of electric-blue ...

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Censorship on social media not only limits artists’ online reach—it can prevent future opportunities, too

A logical question plagues artists experiencing censorship on social media: If my art is targeted for censorship, will it prevent support and recognition in the art world? Unfortunately, this worry is becoming a reality for many artists who are censored on Instagram, and the implications could compromise the whole industry as we know it.Social media has undeniably changed the art world, allowing artists to ...

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What’s the Future of Art in the Metaverse? Two Leading Voices in the Emerging Crypto-Art Field Lay Out Their Visions

Whether you’ve just heard of the metaverse or you’ve already built an enviable NFT collection, the question of what the IRL art world’s role in the metaverse will look like in the years to come is on many art lovers’ minds. Though the wild world of NFTs can make it hard to know which direction to look, some significant players are already shaping that ...

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International graduate student perseveres, explores future of art – News

Alone in the typically bustling, but now, eerily quiet city center of Porto Alegre, Brazil, Illinois State University graduate student Rochele Gloor hurried past shuttered storefronts carrying a fresh supply of surgical masks—and iridescent fabric. It was March 2021, and most businesses were closed amid another surge in coronavirus (COVID-19) infections and deaths across Brazil. Gloor, however, was continuing her work as art director ...

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Amid the War on Ukraine, Artists React to an Uncertain Future – ARTnews.com

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine intensifies, with the latter’s capital Kyiv now under siege, Ukrainian artists, both at home and abroad, face an uncertain future. The situation in Ukraine has the potential to disrupt the country’s participation at the Venice Biennale, the world’s biggest art exhibition, which is set to open in April. This week, the organizers of the Ukrainian Pavilion said they had ...

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Billionaire Art Collector Xavier Niel Bought a $226 Million Paris Hotel Rumored to Be the Future Home of His Cultural Foundation

French telecom billionaire and art collector Xavier Niel has bought the historic Hotel Lambert in Paris—which has hosted the likes of Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau at literary salons—for more than €200 million ($226 million). It will be used, according to Bloomberg, as the headquarters for Niel’s cultural foundation. The 43,000-square-foot townhouse was built from 1640 to 1644 by Louis Le Vau, the architect for King Louis ...

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A Conversation on the Future of Commemorating the Past. – ARTnews.com

Mabel O. Wilson. Illustration by Carlos Basabe. Sara Zewde. Illustration by Carlos Basabe. As monuments commemorating the Confederacy and other troubling aspects of American history continue to topple across the country, a new generation of artists and architects is charting ways to keep the memory of slavery alive without glorifying it. Two leading voices among them are Mabel O. Wilson—an architect and professor at ...

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