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Why Artist Maryan Is a Key Postwar Figurative Painter – ARTnews.com

Back in 1972, the Guggenheim Museum invited a group of 10 artists to do an exhibition that had virtually no involvement from its curatorial team. Even if that show was “anticurator,” as one New York Times critic deemed it, the exhibition, titled “Ten Independents,” certainly wasn’t anti–art world altogether. The artists—many of whom were well-known to curators and collectors at the time, like Romare Bearden, H. C. Westermann, ...

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Dominic Chambers, Fast-Rising Figurative Painter, Joins Lehmann Maupin – ARTnews.com

Dominic Chambers believes in self-care. The fast-rising figurative painter has gained recognition for expansive canvases in which the mundane and magical converge. In an early work, a woman sits on a couch absorbed in a book; the couch floats along an abstracted blue backdrop reminiscent of a rushing river. Themes of leisure and Black intellectualism run through his paintings. “It’s important to present Black ...

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Figurative Sculptor Dies at 91 – ARTnews.com

Manuel Neri, whose offbeat sculptures of figures missing limbs and heads count among the most significant works of the Bay Area Figuration Movement, died of natural causes on Monday at 91. San Francisco’s Hackett Mill gallery, which represents Neri, announced the news in an email blast earlier this week. “Neri’s highly evocative, lyrical work with the female form, chiefly in plaster, bronze, and marble, ...

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Alfred Sisley 1839–1899 – French Impressionist Landscape Painter – figurative artist

Alfred Sisley (/ˈsɪsli/; French: ; 30 October 1839 – 29 January 1899) was an Impressionist landscape painter who was born and spent most of his life in France, but retained British citizenship. He was the most consistent of the Impressionists in his dedication to painting landscape en plein air (i.e., outdoors). He deviated into figure painting only rarely and, unlike Renoir and Pissarro, found that ...

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