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Why Experts Say Kim Kardashian Shouldn’t Have Worn Marilyn Monroe Dress – ARTnews.com

Kim Kardashian turned heads earlier this month when she appeared at the Met Gala, the annual celebrity event that raises funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, wearing a historic gown custom made for Marilyn Monroe. It was the dress that Monroe wore at Madison Square Garden on May 19, 1962, when she famously sang “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy. ...

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Experts Discuss Protecting Cultural Heritage Amid Ukraine War And Climate Change – ARTnews.com

The war in Ukraine and the looming threat of climate change have thrust the issue of safeguarding cultural heritage to the center of conversation among arts and cultural professionals. On Saturday, the New York edition of TEFAF, Europe’s premier art fair, featured a panel discussion devoted to the subject under the title “First Aid to Cultural Heritage in Crisis.” The panel, which drew a ...

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‘We got a kick out of it’: art forgers reveal secrets of paintings that fooled experts | Art

Their forgeries of 20th-century masters such as Max Ernst and Fernand Léger duped the art world into parting with millions of pounds – until a modern pigment gave them away.Now, after serving lengthy prison sentences, Wolfgang Beltracchi and his wife Helene have told the story behind the hundreds of paintings that tricked even the artists’ families.In interviews with Jeannette Fischer, a Zurich-based psychoanalyst and ...

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Russia oligarchs still able to exploit UK art market loopholes, experts say | The art market

Russian oligarchs will be able to exploit legal loopholes around Britain’s art market to evade sanctions and launder money, experts have said, despite Boris Johnson’s claim there will be “nowhere to hide” from a clampdown on Kremlin-linked wealth.It comes as the Labour MP Chris Bryant said “valuable assets” were likely to be traded by supporters of Vladimir Putin, and called on Christie’s and Sotheby’s ...

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The U.S. Has Banned Imports of Afghan Antiquities to Quash the Market for Illicit Artifacts, But Some Experts Say It Could Do More Harm Than Good

The US has implemented a set of “emergency import restrictions” on art and antiquities from Afghanistan. The rules, introduced by the State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and U.S. Customs and Border Protection, prohibit a broad range of Afghan artifacts from entering America through at least April 2026. Among the objects on the federal register’s designated list are archaeological material ranging from ...

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Art historian recreates a Rembrandt masterpiece and stumps experts

Ever looked at a classic painting and asked yourself with astonishment: “How did the painter do it?” Dutch painter and art historian Lisa Wiersma knows the answer to that question when it comes to Dutch masterpieces.After all, her recreation of Johannes Vermeer's The Milkmaid (c.1660) made none less than the director of the Rijksmuseum hesitate for a moment when asked which one was Vermeer’s ...

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Experts weigh in on NFT craze during Art Basel Miami Beach

MIAMI – Non-fungible tokens allow creators to make money every time their works sell even when they are not involved in the transaction. The companies involved with the NFTs make fees. Cryptocurrency investors see it as an opportunity. The artworld is intrigued by the secondary market.NFT’s made headlines in March when Mike Winkelmann, better known as digital artist Beeple, made history. The 40-year-old designer ...

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Ask the Experts: Do I Have to Go to Art School to Become a Successful Artist?

Education isn’t cheap. The increasing professionalization of the art world means getting a degree is an increasingly desirable path for many young artists, but the levels of debt that come with the pursuit of knowledge makes this option only viable for some. The question is: Can you become a successful artist without a degree from Yale or the Royal College of Art?  There are ...

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Millennia-Old Gold Mask Found in China Stuns Experts – ARTnews.com

Earlier this year, archaeologists were awed when they discovered the partial remains of a 3,000-year-old gold mask at the Sanxingdui dig in China’s Sichuan province. Weighing in at half a pound, the mask was considered unprecedented. But, this month, experts’ expectations were bested once again when another gold-mask was found at the same site—this one far more complete. Last Thursday, the mask was excavated ...

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