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Anonymous donation adds Latin American art to Eckerd College’s permanent collection – News

Remaining pieces will be stored with the permanent collection, which boasts thousands of works from renowned artists including Eckerd’s own: the late Robert Hodgell, says Nicole Manuel ’98, Creative Arts Collegium coordinator and collection manager. She currently is working with first-year research associates and the Eckerd College Library to digitize parts of the collection.“Many of our Hodgells are unique to us; whereas, some of ...

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South Miami to receive art donation from Columbia

Medellin Columbia, the City of South Miami’s sister city, will be sending more artwork soon to grace the Colombia Sculpture Garden. City Commissioner Josh Liebman has been coordinating the project. “I’ve been trying to raise the bar in South Miami,” says Liebman, “I championed all the signage, the street signs, the welcome signs, the city logo, the revitalization of all of our parks. I ...

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Morehouse donation: A New York businessman donated a $1 million art collection featuring mostly Black and LGBTQ artists

Business executive and art enthusiast George Wells has pledged the art collection -- which features eight pieces that focus on identity politics and racial inequality -- to Morehouse College, the school confirmed to CNN on Friday.The collection includes works by a diverse range of artists, including McArthur Binion, Rashid Johnson, Amy Sherald, Mickalene Thomas and Ivy Haldeman."I will always be grateful for my Morehouse ...

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