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Scientists Discover Key to Successful Artistic Output – ARTnews.com

In a new study published on Monday in Nature Communications, a team of scientists said it had discovered the key to “hot streaks,” or periods of intense and successful artistic productivity. The paper cites Jackson Pollock’s four-year period of intense productivity and success with his drip paintings.  In a previous paper, Dashun Wang and a team of researchers had proven the existence of hot ...

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Archaeologists Discover Childhood Home of Harriet Tubman – ARTnews.com

For months, a team of archeologists scoured through the wetlands and woods along Maryland’s eastern shore, in search of the long-lost childhood home of legendary abolitionist Harriet Tubman. The cabin had eluded historians for over two decades though historical wills and land deeds proved it was somewhere out there. At long last, they have found it. “This discovery adds another puzzle piece to the ...

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2020 Songs To Discover: A Year In Music In San Diego

Each month we've highlighted new music from local artists, acts coming to town (RIP) and the picks of staff and locals in the scene. For the December installation, I'm going to take a look back on KPBS' music coverage this year, featuring playlists, album reviews, interviews, podcasts and our reporting on the ways the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the local music scene. Think of ...

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Ferrero Golden Gallery Signature Invites Chocolate Lovers To Discover The Art Of Chocolate This Season With New Virtual Experiences

Working with Zac Young, on November 19, Golden Gallery Signature will unveil an easy-to-replicate tasting ritual on Zac's IGTV channel (@zac_young). The ritual will outline how to expertly recreate a Golden Gallery Signature tasting at-home, step-by-step, from plating to tasting. From exploring the high-quality ingredients like soft buttery caramel, delicate hazelnuts and Arabica coffee beans, to showcasing tips for how to beautifully present the ...

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