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‘Everyone seemed at ease’: how art is making hospital visits less painful | Art and design

I gasped when I first set foot on Snow Fox. An actual, audible gasp. I didn’t know hospitals could look and feel like this. But even then, at my most hopeless, I couldn’t help but feel buoyed up by the surroundings. Everywhere there were tones, shapes, materials, pictures and words to steal the attention, little hooks for the minds and senses of children and ...

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Football street art from around the world – in pictures | Art and design

Journalist Andy Brassell, who specialises in European football, travels a lot. Football street art is a common sight wherever he goes: murals of players are found everywhere from Manchester school walls and Minnesota sports bars to the facade of l’Hôtel de Ville in Paris. In a new book, Brassell celebrates the variety and spectacle of this fan art, showing how eloquent supporters can be ...

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Anonymous street art with a political message – in pictures | Art and design

The Autonomous Design Group (ADG) are an anonymous art collective formed in the UK in 2019. They create eye-catching, affecting designs on the subject of rent strikes, police reform, workers’ rights and the climate crisis. Although their posters are works of art, ADG want you to be sure of their political message: this is art designed not for galleries or social media, but to ...

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Banana split: artists set for court battle over who first taped fruit to the wall | Art and design

The latest US lawsuit over a work of art is absolute bananas in every sense. An Italian artist who attached a banana to a wall with duct tape and titled it Comedian – reportedly selling several versions for more than $100,000 – is facing legal action over whether he copied another artist’s work.Maurizio Cattelan is accused of copyright infringement by Joe Morford, from Glendale, ...

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How Italian artist’s mild colors dominate world of design

The Morandi color scheme has become an across-the-board fashion that now prevails in the world of design. Soft and sophisticated Morandi colors such as coral, salmon, champagne, pearl gray and eucharis are considered as apt choices for design of all kinds. When darkened and unsaturated for a low-key look, they feel calm, fresh and comfortable to the modern taste. Of the whole scheme, sophisticated ...

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A takeover in Swansea and a phallic Antony Gormley – the week in art | Art and design

Exhibition of the weekOn Your Face: Queer ReflectionsA queer takeover that deconstructs this gallery’s “largely heteronormative” collection and opens new ways of seeing art. Glynn Vivian Gallery, Swansea, until 18 SeptemberAlso showingAlan DavieTrenchant, memorable abstract paintings by Scotland’s answer to Jackson Pollock. Dovecot Studios, Edinburgh, until 24 SeptemberAlan Davie: Mama Idol, 1976. Photograph: Courtesy Dovecot StudiosKnown and StrangeSurrealistic contemporary photographs by artists including Dafna ...

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Design Miami Is Cancelling What Would Have Been Its First Paris Fair After Officials Deny Its Planned Site on Place de la Concorde

While art fairs have come roaring back as cities around the world continue to recover from the pandemic, a surprise turn of events has scuttled the first-ever planned edition of the prestigious Design Miami fair in Paris: a permit refusal from a police official. According to the French newspaper Le Monde, on July 29, the city’s new police commissioner, Laurent Nunez, said that the ...

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