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Retrieved after decades: the painting supposedly ‘bought’ by the Nazis | Art theft

Fresh proof that the Nazis set up fake auctions and phoney paperwork to disguise their looting of art and valuable possessions has been uncovered by an amateur sleuth researching her own family mystery.French writer Pauline Baer de Perignon’s investigation has revealed the fate of a missing collection of art that included work by Monet, Renoir and Degas and also exposed the reluctance of Europe’s ...

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‘Five Murmurations’ is John Akomfrah’s Answer to This Decade’s Traumas – ARTnews.com

No need to beat around the bush: Five Murmurations is the most haunting, wrenching new work of art I’ve seen so far this decade—appropriately so, since its subject is the haunting, wrenching state of the decade so far. In the three-channel video installation, which was on view this month at Lisson Gallery, British-Ghanaian filmmaker John Akomfrah studies the global shutdown and the police killings ...

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A Mystery Inscription on ‘The Scream’ That Baffled Experts for Decades Was Written by Edvard Munch Himself, New Research Shows

Curators at the National Museum of Norway have concluded that an enigmatic inscription hidden within Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream was authored by the artist himself. Experts have long been aware of the gloomy sentence nestled in the top-left hand corner of the painting, which reads “Can only have been painted by a madman,” but have been baffled as to its origin. The pencil inscription ...

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Gallerist Chantal Crousel On Four Decades of the Art Market in Paris and Passing the Reins of the Gallery to the Next Generation

Nothing predestined Chantal Crousel to become one of the most successful gallerists in Paris. Born in Belgium as the daughter of a bank manager, Crousel was working in Brussels as a secretary for a forklift truck company when, one day, she spotted a drawing by Man Ray in a storefront window. This serendipitous acquisition propelled Crousel to move to Paris, study art history, and ...

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Ten Decades, Nine Works From Art Basel’s OVR:20c

The digital showcase of 20th century art takes place from 28–31 October. Henry Darger, At Jennie Richee For refusing to tell they are buried up to their waists, At Cedernine They are treacherously attacked by Glandellinian soldiers (1930-50). Courtesy Andrew Edlin Gallery. Following its online presentation of art works made during 2020, Art Basel's upcoming Online Viewing Room skips over the previous 19 years ...

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