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Paint a cow: Danielle Silvanic participates in agricultural art project

An artist since high school, Danielle Silvanic has painted on all manner of canvases through the years, most in the usual geometric shapes. This particular project, however, presented some unique challenges. It was a cow, and a good-sized one at that: 7½ feet long and 4½ feet tall. But unlike your typical New York state dairy cow, the life-size fiberglass sculpture weighed only 100 ...

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How Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley Archives the Black Trans Experience – ARTnews.com

Building an archive is a trust exercise. This is what Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley—a Black British trans artist and game developer—teaches us. The Berlin- and London-based artist says she aims to compile the narratives of Black trans individuals—“those living, those who have passed, and those that have been forgotten.” Her works, which live on the internet, are often referred to as “games,” though perhaps “virtual experiences” ...

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