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Wine and design: Art of Sparkling program offers internship credit

An educational experience highlighting one of Oregon’s most natural pairings — art and wine — will become even better this fall at Pacific Northwest College of Art.  Artists selected for the Art of Sparkling, a collaboration between PNCA and Argyle Winery in Dundee that offers a $5,000 scholarship, can officially receive internship credit.  Every year, three PNCA artists tour Argyle’s vineyards, winery and tasting ...

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Art students construct hybrid kiln for course credit – News

The team will use about 700 specially made bricks designed to withstand temperatures in excess of 1,700 degrees. The students are careful with the mallets; each brick costs about $7 and weighs nearly 9 pounds.“This must be my 50th kiln, easily,” Ransom says. And he’s especially pleased with the work on this one. “You guys are killing it,” he tells his students. “This is ...

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An Appeals Court Rules That Andy Warhol Violated a Photographer’s Copyright by Using Her Image of Prince Without Credit

Celebrity photographer Lynn Goldsmith has won her copyright lawsuit against the Andy Warhol Foundation on appeal. The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a 2019 ruling from New York’s federal court finding that Andy Warhol had made fair use of Goldsmith’s 1981 photograph of Prince when he created the “Prince Series.” Goldsmith appealed that verdict, arguing that the Warhol artworks were not a transformative use of her image. “We agree,” ...

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That Golden Trump Statue at CPAC? It Was Made in China, and One of the Artists Says He Wasn’t Given Credit Because He’s Mexican

One of the biggest stars of last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference was a golden idol of Donald Trump. It was at least the shiniest. The stainless-steel sculpture is a life-size depiction of the 45th president, holding a copy of the Constitution and wearing shorts fashioned after the American flag. The work, titled We the People aka Trump and His Magic Wand (2019), ...

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