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Sandra Benites Resigns from MASP Amid Censorship Controversy – ARTnews.com

The Museu de Arte de São Paulo, one of Brazil’s most important museums, is facing allegations of censorship after reports that its curators decided not to display works related to a land reform movement. Amid the controversy, Sandra Benites, whose hiring as adjunct curator in 2019 made headlines because she was the first-ever Indigenous person to serve as a curator in Brazilian museum, has ...

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Use of ‘Racist’ Term in Rijksmuseum Indonesia Show Ignites Controversy – ARTnews.com

The Rijksmuseum’s forthcoming historical show “Revolusi! Indonesia Independent,” which opens in February, promises to be an eye-opening look at Indonesia’s fight to gain independence from the Dutch Colonial Empire. One seemingly small detail in the show has proved a sticking point: the eschewing of a term that one historian labeled “racist” in a recent article, provoking controversy over whether the Amsterdam museum was papering over history. ...

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Arnold Lehman Revisits the ‘Sensation’ Controversy in a New Memoir – ARTnews.com

“WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?” the New York Daily News asked its readers on September 24, 1999. The image in question—Chris Ofili’s painting The Holy Virgin Mary (1996), which features a Black Madonna with almond-shaped eyes—may have been one of the few artworks ever to grace the cover of a tabloid. Surrounding the Madonna are butterfly-like forms which, upon closer inspection, reveal themselves to ...

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Italian Statue of Scantily Clad Worker Draws Controversy – ARTnews.com

The latest public monument to draw a bitter outcry is a sexually suggestive statue of a female field worker in Italy, which was accused of promoting sexism by politicians this week. The bronze statue, which depicts a young woman wearing a transparent, body-hugging dress, was presented on Saturday in a ceremony attended by a mostly male audience, including former prime minister Giuseppe Conte, in ...

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The ‘blackest’ black: How a color controversy sparked a years-long art feud

Written by Megan C. Hills, CNNFor decades, the idea that somebody can "own" a color has been a contentious one.Painter Yves Klein registered a trademark for a shade of ultramarine called International Klein Blue in 1957, and jewelry brand Tiffany & Co.'s signature blue is also protected. More recently, in 2016 sculptor Anish Kapoor purchased the artistic rights to Vantablack, a material described as the "the darkest man-made substance." The substance is made of carbon nanotubes, ...

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A Gallery Owner Says He Destroyed Six Paintings Over a Controversy Regarding Their Depiction of Native American Symbols

A New York gallery has taken down an exhibition of paintings—which the gallery owner says he will now destroy—after a controversy erupted over an artist’s use of culturally sensitive symbols. The show, titled “Wolfsbane and the Flower Moon,” featured six paintings by artist Charica Daugherty about the mass murders of Osage peoples that took place in Oklahoma from the 1910s through the 1930s. The exhibition, ...

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Oil City Opinions: Casper artist speaks out on Art 321 controversy

Oil City News publishes letters and opinions as a public service and the content does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Oil City News or its employees. Letters to the editor can be submitted by following the link at our opinion section.What matters is the artist’s mindsetBy Chris NavarroI read with interest the front-page article in the July 4th Casper Star-Tribune about the controversy ...

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