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What Will Become the Next Big Art Destination in the Coming Decade? We Asked 10 Art-World Insiders

The world is working to emerge from a once-in-a-century pandemic. Employment is beginning to bounce back from record lows, but inequality remains high. The U.S. president is preaching the value of unity in a moment when the country is bitterly divided. But there’s one thing almost everyone can agree on: they really want to party. Sound familiar? The above paragraph could describe the Roaring ...

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Live Art Battle event coming to Pocatello this weekend

POCATELLO — Art Battle, a live art competition where artists create paintings on canvases in real-time, is coming to the Oasis Bar in Pocatello Saturday. The competition is part of a larger competition that stages fifty battles a month in cities across the globe. “Art Battle is kind of like the old b-boy breakdance format type thing where people would dance and then whoever ...

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Life Through Art is coming to Community Club

By Editorial Team | on September 16, 2021 “The Apple of My Eye” by Arleen Rueth Urban PSA Fall is upon as. It’s a time for apple and pumpkin picking, trick or treats and painting our favorite memories.  The Art Department of the Community Club of Garden City and Hempstead is now offering its well- received art class, ...

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