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Best Firm Pastels and Color Sticks – ARTnews.com

Used since the Renaissance, pastels are colors in stick form made from pigments mixed with a binder, usually gum Arabic or chalk (chemical binders like methyl cellulose were developed in the 20th century). Derived from the Latin for “paste,” the name pastel was coined in France, where the medium became fashionable for portraiture during the 18th century. Pastels range from hard to soft, depending ...

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The ‘blackest’ black: How a color controversy sparked a years-long art feud

Written by Megan C. Hills, CNNFor decades, the idea that somebody can "own" a color has been a contentious one.Painter Yves Klein registered a trademark for a shade of ultramarine called International Klein Blue in 1957, and jewelry brand Tiffany & Co.'s signature blue is also protected. More recently, in 2016 sculptor Anish Kapoor purchased the artistic rights to Vantablack, a material described as the "the darkest man-made substance." The substance is made of carbon nanotubes, ...

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Artists of Color Say Aspen’s Very White and Very Self-Congratulatory Art Fests Are ‘Jarring’ and ‘Gross’ + Other Stories

Art Industry News is a daily digest of the most consequential developments coming out of the art world and art market. Here’s what you need to know on this Monday, August 9. NEED-TO-READ Florida Couple Consigned Questionable Giacometti Works at Sotheby’s – Sotheby’s has sued Bettina von Marnitz Thut and her husband Frederic Thut, as well as their Florida auction house Fine Art Miami, ...

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ASU-LACMA Master’s Fellowship Looks to Train Young Curators of Color – ARTnews.com

Six years ago, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation published a report on the demographics of staffs at American art museums. It found that 84 percent of those surveyed—among them curators, educators, conservators, and other senior staff—were white. “The museum population was about 10 percentage points more racially and ethnically homogenous than the U.S. population,” Mariët Westermann, the foundation’s former executive vice president for programs ...

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How to paint rugged mountains in color.

Go to http://www.paintwithlen.com Here is Exercise 14 of my Free Online Painting Lessons. You can visit for more painting instructions. You can paint this landscape in oil or acrylic on canvas. The tutorial is easy to follow if you take your time, stop and start the lesson. All Len's lessons are available on DVD - please contact Len for more information. source

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The Best Brush Pen and Dual-Tip Brush Pen Sets with Color Inks – ARTnews.com

Love painting or inking but hate the mess? Consider brush pens, which combine the flexibility of brushes with pen technology. Highly portable and relatively easy to use, brush pens are also versatile: They can produce fine lines or thicker, fluid marks, depending on how you angle them. They’re a perfect tool for hand lettering or calligraphy, but you can certainly use them to add ...

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50 Years Ago, Romare Bearden and His Colleagues Founded a New York Gallery for Artists of Color. A New Show Celebrates Its Legacy

exhibitionIn 1969, tired of the lack of exhibition opportunities for Black artists, Romare Bearden, Ernest Crichlow, and Norman Lewis took matters into their own hands and opened Cinque Gallery, a nonprofit exhibition space on Astor Place in New York’s East Village. Cinque—named for Joseph Cinque, who led the 1839 revolt on the Amistad slave ship after being kidnapped in Sierra Leone—quickly became a thriving community of ...

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Best 35mm Color Film for Vivid Images – ARTnews.com

If you’re shooting with 35mm film in this digital age, you likely have a specific artistic application for the medium. To match your vision, it’s important to pick the right kind of film. Shopping for color negative film can be more challenging than for black-and-white film, even though there aren’t that many competitors on the market. Each brand manufactures its own emulsion formula that ...

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