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‘I Got to See a Lot of Celebration’: Watch How Artist Raúl de Nieves Fuses Mexican Craft Traditions and Queer Club Culture

What does it mean to be an “American artist”? There are museums, galleries, and whole programs of study dedicated to the genre, but as with everything that seems black and white at first, it’s not so simple. For the artist Raúl de Nieves, born in Michoacán, Mexico, the question of what it means to be American came to the fore of his mind in 2017, when ...

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Grayson’s Art Club: An Exhibition for Britain review – its sorcery will turn you into a soggy heap | Grayson Perry

Grayson’s Art Club was a brilliantly and quickly conceived response to Britain’s pandemic-induced lockdowns. The first series covered the first two confinements, the second one our third – though you suspect not final – sheltering-in-place. The unflagging optimism of Grayson, and his equally indefatigable wife Philippa, framed the enforced hiatus as an opportunity for us to get stuck into something we might not otherwise ...

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Life Through Art is coming to Community Club

By Editorial Team | on September 16, 2021 “The Apple of My Eye” by Arleen Rueth Urban PSA Fall is upon as. It’s a time for apple and pumpkin picking, trick or treats and painting our favorite memories.  The Art Department of the Community Club of Garden City and Hempstead is now offering its well- received art class, ...

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Art On Fire Project At Greencroft Club –

"We began this project pre-pandemic and we found that the community really came together in a really special way. I think art does that. People can sort of gather together around art in a very special way and so as we went through the pandemic we found that these art projects, whether it's murals or the hydrant paintings, really bring the community together," said ...

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Brush Strokes Art Club announces fall workshops

HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE -- Brush Strokes Art Club will sponsor two fall workshops by recognized area artists, a news release said. "Elementary, My Dear Artists -- A Fundamentals Overview" will be taught by Hugh Dunnahoe, a Hot Springs professional illustrator, graphic designer and fine art painter, with a career spanning over 40 years. Dunnahoe has taught Graphic Design and Illustration at Ouachita Baptist University ...

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Art collective Swim Club brings showcase of Asian American artists to the Power Station

Does being American make someone’s art less worthy of exploration?That’s one of the questions being examined regarding stereotypes and the methodology of curation in an exhibition titled “Factory Settings” at the Power Station.The show was curated by a collective that calls itself Swim Club. The duo is made up of Dallas artists SooMi Han and Gregory Ruppe.Han is a 2020 bachelor of fine arts ...

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Magic of art and science: Boys and Girls Club experience robots, polysonic wind tunnel

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Christian Hubicki gives a talk on robotics to a group from the Boys and Girls Club inside the robotics lab in the AME building at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering.More than 30 members of Boys & Girls Clubs of the Big Bend got a behind-the-scenes tour of unique facilities at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering as part of a partnership between Prime ...

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Art Club Show at the museum – The Licking News

Photo by Christy PorterArt students, area artists, Jackie Duncan, administrator at Texas County Museum of Art & History (left) and Delanie Rinne, Elementary Art teacher (right) proudly showcased the works of art from efforts of the Art Club collective held on Saturday, April 17. The local community, including students, parents, artists and teachers, came to view the many artistic endeavors. The Art Club collective ...

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