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Brad Pitt, Nick Cave make surprise art debut in Finland

HELSINKI (AP) — Hollywood’s Brad Pitt and Australian musician Nick Cave have debuted as artists in an exhibition in Finland that displays sculptures and ceramics created by the movie star and the singer-songwriter.The Sara Hilden Art Museum, located in the southern Finnish city of Tampere, was initially scheduled to exhibit solely the wide variety of works by British artist Thomas Houseago — known for ...

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Largest North American Cave Drawings Found in Alabama – ARTnews.com

The largest cave drawings in North America have been discovered in Alabama, according to a study by Jan F. Simek, Stephen Alvarez, and Alan Cressler in the archaeology journal Antiquities. The five large figures discovered include three anthropomorphs (human-like figures), one swirling, enigmatic figure, and a snake, most likely an eastern diamondback rattlesnake which was sacred to Southeast Indigenous people of the time. The ...

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The Yorkshire Auction House: South Cave couple who taught art for six decades sell their lifetime’s collection of over 1,500 paintings

The couple, who live in South Cave, both taught art to generations of students, predominantly at the then Leeds College of Art, but have shied away from the spotlight themselves – until now.A decision to sell their collection of work, which comprises of some 2,000 paintings and 1,500 sculptures by the couple’s estimate, has led to an appearance on Really’s The Yorkshire Auction House, ...

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New Paleolithic Cave Art Found Over 100 Years After Initial Discovery – ARTnews.com

More than 100 years after the cave was first discovered, new paleolithic art has been revealed at Romanelli Cave on the coast of southeast Italy. According to a recent study in Antiquity, a team of archaeologists, geologists, and paleontologists have uncovered a number of new engravings since they first began their efforts in 2016. Excavations have also determined the occupation period of the cave ...

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Prehistoric cave paintings in Spain show Neanderthals were artists

ARDALES, Spain Aug 8(Reuters) - Neanderthals may have been closer to our species of prehistoric modern human than previously believed after cave paintings found in Spain proved they had a fondness for creating art, one of the authors of a new scientific report said on Sunday.Red ochre pigment discovered on stalagmites in the Caves of Ardales, near Malaga in southern Spain, were created by ...

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World’s Oldest Cave Paintings May Have Been Made by Neanderthals – ARTnews.com

A group of archaeologists has uncovered new evidence suggesting that elusive red ochre pigment in Cave of Ardales in Spain was applied by Neanderthals. Their findings, published in a recent study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), are a key contribution to a long held debate in the archaeological community over the paintings’ origins.  The study, “The symbolic role of the ...

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Spanish cave art created by Neanderthals, study finds

Now over 1,000 graphic representations, mostly attributed to the Upper Paleolithic era, have been described. It’s one of three sites that contains some of the oldest known cave art, dating back to more than 65,000 years ago. The red pigments researchers studied, located in a stalagmitic dome in the cave’s lower gallery, were analyzed and found to have been intentionally applied through splattering and ...

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Was Cave Art Actually a Form of Cinema? How Prehistoric Lamps Suggest a Surprising New Way of Looking at Ancient Paintings

Cave art researchers have a tantalizing new theory to explain prehistoric paintings: that the images came to life in the flickering flames of candlelight as an early form of cinema. “The flickering light, the dancing shadows, the warm glow from the fire, many people have argued that this creates a sense of theater, that you’re looking at an ancient version of cinema,” University of ...

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Neanderthal Carving Discovered in Germany’s Unicorn Cave – ARTnews.com

Germany’s Einhornhöhle, or Unicorn Cave, in the Harz Mountains got its name from the treasure hunters who thought fossilized remains in the dark passages belonged to unicorns. Archaeologists digging at the site recently found something almost as unlikely: a 50,000-year-old deer bone with a geometric pattern carved by Neanderthals. The discovery, reported on Monday by a team of researchers from the University of Göttingen ...

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