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Massive Roman Era Phallus Relief Carving Uncovered in Spain – ARTnews.com

A large Roman era relief carving of a phallus was uncovered by archaeologists excavating in Nueva Carteya, Córdoba, Spain, earlier this month, according to an announcement by the area’s local history museum. At more than one-and-a half feet long, it could be the largest preserved Roman phallus carving, according to archaeologists. The phallic carving was found at the base of a building within a ...

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Needlework, jade carving, Ukiyo-e to show ‘Art Diversity’

"Lotus Dream" by Zhao Picheng The 12th International Exhibition of Traditional Fine Arts will open to the public on July 20 at the Shanghai Collection Museum.The annual exhibition, aimed at rejuvenating Shanghai's traditional arts and crafts, is themed "Art Diversity" this year and will display artworks by over 100 artists from 22 countries, including Japan, South Korea, Poland, United States, Pakistan and Turkey.From Arabic ...

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Ancient Egyptian Artists Learned ‘On-The-Job’ Relief Carving – ARTnews.com

New research reveals that ancient Egyptian reliefs were carved by artists of varying skill levels, with apprentices studying under master sculptors who corrected their mistakes as they practiced different techniques. The study, published today in Antiquity, focuses on the production process for a set of 3,500-year-old reliefs at the Chapel of Hatshepsut in Thebes, which was constructed during the 15th century BCE. Scholars have ...

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Neanderthal Carving Discovered in Germany’s Unicorn Cave – ARTnews.com

Germany’s Einhornhöhle, or Unicorn Cave, in the Harz Mountains got its name from the treasure hunters who thought fossilized remains in the dark passages belonged to unicorns. Archaeologists digging at the site recently found something almost as unlikely: a 50,000-year-old deer bone with a geometric pattern carved by Neanderthals. The discovery, reported on Monday by a team of researchers from the University of Göttingen ...

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