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Charles Ray Enters the Postwar Canon – ARTnews.com

The artist, who was deeply involved with selection and installation for the four surveys currently on view, chose to mix works from throughout his career, and each exhibition offers a clear sense of how figuration came to dominate his practice. The implicit links he establishes between disparate pieces let us see them afresh. Charles Ray: Figure Ground” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in ...

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Jesse Williams Is Rapidly Building a Canon of African Diasporic Art – ARTnews.com

Before he ascended to the heights of Hollywood stardom as an actor and activist, Jesse Williams grew up in a household where art took center stage. His mother is an artist, and his wider family network included “boatbuilders, sculptors, painters, dancers,” he said. “I was surrounded by a lot of hands-on craftsmanship. Creativity was central to our home. We didn’t collect because we didn’t ...

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Why We Should Reboot the Art History Canon Instead of Ditching It + 2 More Thought-Provoking Things to Read

Each week, countless articles, think pieces, columns, op-eds, features, and manifestos are published online—and any number cast new light on the world of art. Each Friday (when I can!), I pick out a few recent pieces that might inspire some larger discussion.   “Where Should Art History Go in the Future?” by Dushko Petrovich, ARTnews Here’s an enlightening look at the present round of ...

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Dave Armstrong / shooting with the Canon 5D

As featured on my last innvative, indie filmmakers show (via my Livestream channel) A filmmaker friend of mine shares his experience of shooting his short film, Ghostgirl, using the Canon 5D. http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm Message from Dave Armstrong: "Thanks for your comments & ratings, really appreciate it! we'll be uploading another vid in the next day or two, with more about the Zacuto rig, accessories like the ...

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